24 Republicans Who Opposed Amendment against Funds for Transgender Persons in US Military
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24 Republicans Who Opposed Amendment against Funds for Transgender Persons in US Military

If you thought that a Republican-controlled government could curb one part of the enormous, bizarre, Obama-era social experimentation imposed upon the US military, you are sure to be misled.

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives has voted 214-209 to repeal an amendment to the NDAA which would have banned Pentagon from allocating funds for plastic surgeries and therapy for persons who are confused about their sex.

Twenty-four Republicans, including Justin Amash, made this burlesque possible by opposing their party and uniting in the vote with the Democrats.

Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler has proposed the amendment which would have accumulated $1.3 billion over the next decade but changing the sexes of girls and boys is the least Uncle Sam can do for its “gender-confused” members.

You wonder if there are no more important things that the money should be spent on?

“This is about addressing [North] Korea, Russia, ISIS,” Hartzler said while debating. “We need every fund to go to meeting those threats, not anything else, and we need to make sure our troops are ready and that they can be deployed.”

In June, Hartzler said: “The transgender policy of the previous president, implemented without any consultation from the Congressmen, is wrong and opposing to our goals of expanding military readiness and putting funds into addressing the budget shortfalls. By deploying and clearing the path for the transgender people to be part of our military we face the taxpayers with high medical costs that include up to $130,000 per surgery for a sex transition, hormone treatments for a lifetime, and the high percentage of persons who experience complications.”

“The recruitment of persons who are experiencing the sex transition process is slightly problematic,” Hartzler continued. “requiring 210 to 238 work days where a soldier is non-recruitable after the surgery. This recovery time is similar to 1.4 million manpower days where the transgender military members cannot be deployed and fight the wars, therefore putting the burden on a stressed task force. It is not very sensible to purposely deploy individuals who cannot serve properly.”

California Rep. Duncan Hunter has called the opposition to Hartzler’s amendment “stupid” due to the fact that people should “figure out which sex they are before joining up.”

This is very clear for the liberals, who referred to the amendment as “ignorant, mean-spirited and denigrating” one and said it “would reduce the military readiness” as it would discourage the transgender individuals from joining up the military. Nevertheless, RAND  Corporation states that there are up to 6,630 transgender persons in the military – not quite enough for constituting a single division.

One factor that could have led some of the twenty-four Republicans to vote in line with the Democrats was the Defense Secretary James Mattis’s call to Hartzler before the Congress voting urging her to withdraw the amendment. This portion was told to the Huffington Post by a senior House Democratic aide but has not been officially confirmed.

So, what are the names of the RINOs who opposed the Amendment? Check out below!

Justin Amash (Michigan)

Jack Bergman (Michigan)

Mike Coffman (Colorado)

Barbara Comstock (Virginia)

Paul Cook (California)

Ryan Costello (Pennsylvania)

Carlos Curbelo (Florida)

Jeff Denham (California)

Charlie Dent (Pennsylvania)

John Faso (New York)

Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania)

Darrell Issa (California)

John Katko (New York)

Steve Knight (California)

Leonard Lance (New Jersey)

Frank LoBiondo (New Jersey)

Tom MacArthur (New Jersey)

Brian Mast (Florida)

Tom Reed (New York)

Dave Reichert (Washington)

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida)

Bill Shuster (Pennsylvania)

Elise Stefanik (New York)

Claudia Tenney (New York)

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