Actor Kevin James' Short Film Brutally Mocks Coronavirus Social Distancing Snitches, Police Response
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Actor Kevin James’ Short Film Brutally Mocks Coronavirus Social Distancing Snitches, Police Response

Actor Kevin James of “King of Queens” fame has released a darkly comedic short film that mocks coronavirus social distancing snitches as well as the police response against those who disobey governmental orders to stay at least six feet apart in public.

Less than two minutes long, “Out of Touch” begins with James and another man running for their lives and hiding from police cars, a helicopter’s spotlight, and vicious K-9s. Sitting behind a tree as authorities close in on them, the out-of-breath, desperate pair can barely take it anymore as hope for their fate fades away.

Suddenly the film cuts to “Six Hours Earlier” — and we see what all the fuss was about.

James is minding his own business, sitting on a park bench, when his friend — out for a jog — stops in front of James as the pair exchange greetings.

Unfortunately, though, they shake hands.

And an intrepid, mask-wearing guy spots them and calls 911 to report the “hand shakers” as other equally concerned citizens join in and begin photographing James and his friend breaking social distancing orders.

With that, James advises his friend, “Run.”

And that’s how it ends.

While taken to obvious extremes, the film appears meant to reflect real-life situations. And there a few in the ballpark:

  • Recently a journalist chastised a Chicago ice cream man who wasn’t falling in line with stay-at-home orders, and WBBM-TV’s news anchor encouraged residents of the neighborhood to call 911 if they saw the ice cream man in the future.
  • In April, the Democratic mayor of Los Angeles told residents that “snitches get rewards” when it comes to turning in nonessential businesses that don’t shut down.
  • That same month far-left New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told residents to take photos of those who don’t abide by social distancing rules and report them to police.
  • In addition, a recent poll showed that leftists and younger Americans were far more likely to report their neighbors than conservatives and older Americans.

Viewed over 700,000 times since it was posted to YouTube on Friday, “Out of Touch” also drew over 2,000 comments — and a cursory look shows that more than a few folks are tracking with the theme.

  • “This absolutely makes my day. I work in healthcare but this is EXACTLY how I feel! It’s like “oh sorry I can’t touch you!! I don’t want to get in trouble!” THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS KEVIN!”
  • “It’s a joke, but this is exactly what society has turned into.”
  • “Honestly this isn’t even funny. I mean it is a very funny clip, but the truth in it is horrifying.”
  • “So true. People have lost their minds and gone off the deep end.”
  • “Democrats love government control. Every white Democrat woman should be named ‘Karen.'”
  • “This makes me laugh but sad its actually realistic.”
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