Liberal Cheering on Las Vegas Shooting, Patriot Hero Silences Them in 6 Words [VIDEO]
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Liberal Cheering on Las Vegas Shooting, Patriot Hero Silences Them in 6 Words [VIDEO]

In wake of the Las Vegas shooting catastrophe, liberals have been feeling overjoyed that ‘Trump supporters’ have been killed during the open country concert. However, an all-American spectator of the incident spoke out about the entire occurrence and shut every liberal mouth up with solely six words.

Identification of the 58 victims and wounded individuals is still ongoing, and families across America are waiting to hear any update offered to them by authorities. At the same time, lefties have been pushing on establishing gun control and noting the shooter was a ‘white guy’ with conservative beliefs, who hated Americans just for the sake of it. What the liberals don’t understand is that, by making false claims of this sort, they escalate the tension among American citizens, which could lead to further escalation.

Luckily, we still have patriots who care enough about this country and the conservative party to speak up and set the record straight.

In an interview with Fox News, a young cowboy was asked to elaborate on recent happenings and share his opinion about what happened. There were numerous eyewitnesses who got a hold on what really happened, so when one of them came out to tell his story, we learned how Americans truly feel.

“We’re brothers just because we’re American,” he undoubtedly stated.

“Were you carrying people?” the reporter asked.

“Yeah, we both were,” the second man responded, “as long as they weren’t gone.”

“What are you feeling right now?” the reporter was curious.

“Heartbroken,” said the man and continued, “Anybody I met tonight, I told them that I’m an American and that we’re brothers just because we’re American tonight.”

The station seemed uninterested in what the man had to say all of a sudden and turned to another person close by. However, patriotism wasn’t lacking here as well.

“You do what you can,” he said. “I mean we’re all together — red, white, blue, whatever. You know, you try and help each other. I just pray that they made it out and that whoever did this is neutralized.”

Although the liberals would love to have heard another narrative, the truth remains stronger. What really is of significance right about now, are the families of those we’ve lost and the aftermath of the entire tragedy.

Among many Democrats who were looking for a spicier story or hatred for the conservatives, was also Hillary Clinton, who took the chance to, once more, speak on gun control and the necessity to alternate the Second Amendment. including the NRA.

Clinton urged that guns will only bring disastrous consequences to America, although we all know that old saying ‘guns don’t kill people, people do.’ And all the while, she forgot to mention there were around 31,000 Islamic terror attacks on the U.S. since 2001, which tells a whole different tale. Or, is she sympathetic to those crimes but no to this one?

This provoked a major reaction among social media users:

“Imagine if you had put the same amount of caring, energy and drive behind #Benghazi they might still be alive!” one user responded.

“Does this sound like a statement fr/ someone who’s in GRIEF as u claim 2 be? You’re reminding us you’re that COLD HEARTED #BENGHAZI criminal?” another asked.

And this was not the end of Clinton’s troubles after her remarks first hit the spotlight:

“‘When dictators begin their ascent to power they must first make sure the citizens are not armed.’ ‘Imagine’ @HillaryClinton resisting the urge to manipulate tragedy into political self-interest #propaganda #NRA isn’t the problem #politicallycorrect #drivel defies common sense,” one user replied.

“Like clockwork… cue the liberal calls for #GunControlNow and attack #NRA. Never let a tragedy go to waste, huh Hillary? Shame on you. #2A,” wrote another.

There are two concepts of the story. One is the liberal, divisive and condemning one, that only hurts America, and the second is the patriotic one that urges Americans stay safe and united during turbulences and tragedies such as this one. Your pick.

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