Ann Coulter Goes for the Jugular After Joy Reid Accuses Her of Being a Man
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Ann Coulter Goes for the Jugular After Joy Reid Accuses Her of Being a Man

Responding to a newly uncovered blog post made by MSNBC host Joy Reid over a decade ago, which implied conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter was actually a man, Coulter struck back on Friday, implying Reid was astounded at her “swan-like neck” because liberal women “have rolls of fat on their neck.”

Reid’s comments about Coulter came from a brand-new trove of Reid blog posts from her days in radio, and could threaten her employment status at the progressive network. Originally, the decade-old posts had just included homophobic slurs against, among other people, then-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (he’s a Democrat congressman now, but he was a Republican at the time).

Reid had previously gone full Anthony Weiner and claimed some of these entries were hacked. However, yet more archived posts show Reid calling Coulter a man, requesting that Coulter and conservative commentator Laura Ingraham be sent to Iraq and put “in a public square,” and promoting a 9/11 conspiracy film that was endorsed in part (oh, the irony) by Infowars impresario Alex Jones.

According to The Daily Caller, Reid’s 2006 post — titled “Dear Mr. Coulter” — addressed the conservative pundit and her “little brownshirt heart.”

“No one actually loves you — and particularly, no one loves you enough to actually breed with you (provided they could figure out whether you would, in fact, be supplying the sperm, or the egg…),” Reid wrote.

She also praised a blogger who suggested Coulter commit suicide and said that “no sane man or woman” would touch the pundit “without a full course of penicillin and a hermetic body glove.”

“And finally, here’s a good idea,” she concluded the post, hyperlinking to another post titled, “Can we send Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter to Iraq, put them in a public square and just leave them there?”

Well, as it turns out, Ingraham also has a cable show on which Coulter could talk about the latest batch of Reid blog posts — and Coulter went for the jugular on Reid in more ways than one.

“And then there’s the always-popular calling me a man for having a beautiful swan-like neck,” Coulter said during a Friday appearance on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“Liberal women, as long as we’re being frank here, aren’t used to that because they have rolls of fat on their neck. They’re really taken aback by my beautiful swan-like neck.”

Coulter also hit back at the hypocrisy of Reid calling others Islamophobic while suggesting they be dropped off in a public square in Iraq and leaving it — but not too much — to the imagination what would happen there.
“I agree that I wouldn’t want to go to a majority-Muslim country,” Coulter told Ingraham. “I don’t know why liberals want to turn this country into those countries.”

However, Coulter doubted that Reid would face any consequences, any more than other other liberal darlings do.

“To be dumping that show because of crazy tweets she was sending … If they really cared about offensive tweets and so on, well, obviously Samantha Bee and Joy Reid wouldn’t be on air,” Coulter said.

Indeed, Reid seems to be going the Samantha Bee route, issuing her sincerest apologies while nothing actually happens to her. Here’s her statement to BuzzFeed:

No word on the “hacking” excuse or the FBI investigation she said was surrounding it. As fabled Nixon excuse-weaver Ron Ziegler might have said, this is apparently the “operative” statement; the others are “inoperative.”

Rest assured, however, that no matter whether she lied about being hacked or not, she’s “a better person today than I was over a decade ago.” So she’d never do this again, or at least she would lie about it until she actually had to own it. At which time she would again say she was “a better person today than I was over a decade ago.” Wash, rise, repeat.

And then tune in on weekends at 10 a.m. for “AM Joy,” only on MSNBC, where a panel of minor liberals will discuss Ann Coulter’s Islamophobic remarks!

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