Biden Taunts Trump: More He Is out in Public ‘Worse He Does’
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Biden Taunts Trump: More He Is out in Public ‘Worse He Does’

During a virtual appearance from his back porch on Saturday, “Hidin’ Joe” Biden taunted President Trump over his sliding poll numbers and his rallies.

Biden made an appearance with Asian Pacific Islander American Vote, hosted by reporters from NBC and PBS.

While he was attempting to attack Trump, he confused his former boss with his current foe:

“The more that Barack— excuse me, the more than Donald Trump is out, the worse he does,” Biden said.

“I think it’s wonderful he goes out,” Biden taunted. “I’m being a bit facetious because it’s dangerous what he’s doing with these rallies.”

He said he’s been around the country but he’s worn a mask and socially distanced.

“I don’t hold rallies because it is the reason why we’re in such trouble by not listening to the experts and the scientists about social distancing and wearing masks,” Biden said, holding up a mask, “which I never do when I walk outside of this house— I never fail to do.”

Biden appeared to read portions of his answer from a teleprompter or notes near the camera, but then admitted, “You ask other parts of a question, I can’t remember what other ones were. One was what I was going to do about immigration. What was the other part?” he said, looking off camera.

“Is that it?” he asked, turning back to the screen.

Biden was then told someone from North Carolina was going to ask a question.

“I don’t see anybody on this,” he said impatiently to someone off camera.

“Oh, hold on, here she is,” he was told.

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