Bloody Nose for Brussels: Landslide Triumph as Anti-Globalist, Anti-Soros Orban Wins Third Term in Hungary
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Bloody Nose for Brussels: Landslide Triumph as Anti-Globalist, Anti-Soros Orban Wins Third Term in Hungary

Hungary’s conservative-populist premier Viktor Orbán has won a third term in office in a landslide election victory.

With the votes counted, Europe Elects is sharing stats which show Fidesz, the party founded by Prime Minister Orbán while he was a young anti-Communist dissident, has won not merely a decisive majority but an outright super-majority, along with minor allied parties — allowing changes to the national constitution.

Far-right nationalist party Jobbik came in second place, but leader Gábor Vona has resigned from the party which he has headed since 2006, having promised to do so if he failed to achieve a breakthrough. He is expected to remain active in frontline politics, however.

The results will be extremely disappointing for top bureaucrats in the European Union and activists working for so-called civil society NGOs funded by billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros, who had been hoping for an upset defeat, or for Fidesz to lose its super-majority, at least.

Prime Minister Orbán has been the most determined foe of the compulsory migrant quota regime the EU has attempted to impose at the behest of pro-migration NGOs, and served as the focal point for an increasingly influential eurosceptic, anti-mass migration alliance within the EU, centred on the Visegrád Four countries.

Orbán is best known in the United States for his robust response to the migrant crisis, rapidly erecting and systematically strengthening a southern border wall which cut illegal immigration by over 99 per cent, while Western European countries like Germany and Sweden invited all comers with disastrous results.

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  1. carol davenport

    April 10, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    Thank God for smart huge moves.

  2. Tana Bouquet

    April 10, 2018 at 12:55 pm


    The drain is huge, so do not worry, all sludge will slip right down…..

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