California Governor Demands Help in Wake of Intense Wildfires, so President Trump Rose to the Occasion
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California Governor Demands Help in Wake of Intense Wildfires, so President Trump Rose to the Occasion

President Trump’s White House declared a state of emergency, in light of California wildfires that forced many Americans to relocate and seek help.

On Friday, as the fires damaged more than 160,000 acres of land, President Donald Trump released the declaration with Tom Bossert, Trump’s homeland security adviser, confirming it via Twitter.

The Thomas Fire, which has been active for almost a week, left over 200,000 Californians homeless, for the time being.

As per reports, Gov. Jerry Brown also considered the disaster a state of emergency.

As a result, Brown offered extra resources necessary to put a stop to the fires. Aside from this, the federal government was also asked to step up to the plate and help those in need.

Since Friday, more than 16 school districts had to halt their scheduled activities as well.

According to experts and meteorologists, the fires could continue to spread at a fast pace, which causes additional problems in the region.

Californians were warned in due time that the fires are not a handled matter at this time, meaning everyone in the region has to proceed with an evacuation.

“They need to prepare as if they will be impacted,” stated Cal Fire Division Chief Nick Schuler. “Where are they going to go? What are their escape routes? What is their communication with their families?”

The state began evacuation as soon as news on the Lilac Fire first broke Thursday.

The fire spread over 4,000 acres in a matter of hours, causing a need for immediate evacuations and protection of the territory.

So far, there have been no casualties reported, but three people sustained severe burns in the fire, while two firefighters were injured as a result of the heavy blaze, as per the Washington Post.

Ventura County Fire Department spokesperson Thomas Kruschke assured that “the firefighters are taking a beating,” but went on to say that the citizens’ wellbeing comes first, which is why evacuation is simply a ‘must’ at this time.

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1 Comment

  1. Robert

    December 9, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Federal help! Isn’t this the state that wanted to secede from the union? Isn’t this the state that won’t comply with federal immigration laws?

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