Celebs See Case for Impeachment with Stormy Daniels: ‘Vote His Lying, Corrupt Ass out of Office’
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Celebs See Case for Impeachment with Stormy Daniels: ‘Vote His Lying, Corrupt Ass out of Office’

Hollywood took to social media to gleefully react to Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview, with some stars, like actors Alec Baldwin and John Cusack, making a case for President Donald Trump’s removal from office based on the porn star’s claims.

“No offense to Stormy Daniels, but that interview provides no worthwhile insights into ‘the problem.’ Nothing,” Baldwin wrote on Twitter Sunday. “The only solution to ‘the problem’ is to organize. And then vote his lying, corrupt, incompetent ass out of office. November is coming…”

Cusack argued that the primetime interview provided proof that Trump must be “removed from power — now.”

“60 minutes reveals more of same -trump a gangster – engages world through gangster ethics – totally unfit for office – not worth mentioning all the laws he breaks as there’s too many to number- a vast pattern /picture of a deranged criminal who must be removed from power -now,” Cusack Tweeted on Sunday.

Daniels spent months making claims that she had a sexual relationship with Trump more than a decade ago. Her 60 Minutes spot, which was hyped and teased by CBS for weeks, was a lackluster affair.

Actresses Lena Dunham and Patricia Arquette praised Daniels for doing the interview.

Other star chimed in with puns and applause for the 60 Minutes interview. Check out their reaction below.

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  1. Pat

    April 3, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    The celebs and Democrats just can’t stop themselves because of their hate for anything Conservative, Christian, Republican or Pres Trump. Their hateful and revenge-filled rhetoric will eventually take them down, According to them, the main focus is Hillary’s lose of her rightful place of winning the crown and throne. The best idea is for them to get over themselves but hate for anything. Conservative, Christian, Republican or Pres Trump will be their undoing. And, the Never Trumper RINOs’ can go down with them, too.

  2. Jeff Reed

    April 4, 2018 at 12:39 pm

    Fuck these two pieces of shit!!! baldwin called his kid a PIG, and this other no talented ass puppet can go fuck they”re inbred moms!!!

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