Chelsea Handler Got 'Handled' By Americans After Trying To Initiate a Military Coup To Overthrow Trump
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Chelsea Handler Got ‘Handled’ By Americans After Trying To Initiate a Military Coup To Overthrow Trump

On Friday, it was TV personality and loyal liberal Chelsea Handler that caught all the attention, after she publicly demanded that Americans organize themselves in military sense, in order to defeat resident Donald Trump.

“To all the generals surrounding our idiot-in-chief…the longer U wait to remove him, the longer UR name will appear negatively in history,” Handler tweeted.

The remarks come after tension between the u.S. and North Korea escalated due to their aggressive threats to attack military base Guam by mid-August.

According to the related North Korean news agency: “North Korea’s strategic force is ‘seriously examining the plan for an enveloping strike at Guam through simultaneous fire of four Hwasong-12 intermediate-range strategic ballistic rockets in order to interdict the enemy forces on major military bases on Guam and to signal a crucial warning to the U.S.’”

President Trump addressed the threats in a very appropriate manner, stating the U.S. will not hold back to attack with all the ‘fire and fury’ it’s got. The U.N. also joined to support America in case North Korea decided to strike.

“Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!” Trump wrote on TwitterFriday.

Many Twitter users turned against Handler, expressing both their revolt and their embarrassment. Take a look:

Chelsea Handler was and is a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton, and was quite outspoken in the name of liberals in Hollywood during the 2016 presidential campaign.

We hope Chelsea is now sitting in a dark, dark corner rediscovering her sense of reality once again.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Richard

    August 12, 2017 at 9:09 pm

    $ome of her BE$T QUOTE$ from Brainy
    !!!!!”””I think you do need two terms as a president.”””””!!!!
    “”Don’t think about anything for too long. Even if it’s off-the-wall, go for it. You’ll have a lot more fun in life.””
    “”I have always maintained a strong opposition to marriage because I would have to be in serious denial to pretend I wasn’t born with a personality for divorce. Whatever the opposite of amicable is, that’s how my breakups tend to play out.””
    “””Who would marry me anyway? I’m a handful””.
    “”I was tortured, and probably half of it was deserved”””
    “”Some people have a phobia of midgets. They’re, like, scared of them. I have the opposite – I see them, and I want to hold them down, cuddle them, be like, ‘Come here, you little nugget. Who’s your mommy now?’ So cute!””
    “”Have you ever been sued by a midget? It’s not fun.””
    “””Jews are underdogs – not in my world, obviously, they’re not.””
    “””I think nudity is funny, especially when it’s inappropriate.””
    “””I’m actually a big fan of Kathy Griffin because I think she’s really funny. I think she’s really self-deprecating, which is something I like to see in a comedian. I think those are really the best comedians: people who can make fun of themselves.”””
    “””Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are ridiculous-looking – especially her. They’re so strange and charismatic and weird. It’s pretty hard to take your eyes off them. “””
    “””I try not to cheat on my boyfriends when I have them.”””
    “””I’m not superstitious at all. I’m not a Russian.”””
    “””Personally, I’d have a baby just for the epidural.””
    “””I don’t have a lot of shame. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad about the way someone reacts to me or about something I read about myself online. But I don’t have a lot of guilt, no. I’ve always been this way. I’m missing a chip.””
    “””I have a huge impact with young girls. Young women. That’s my demographic.””
    “”There’s times where you think, ‘Gosh, what if nobody ever wants to hear what I have to say?’””
    “”I have severe ADD, and I’m constantly looking to amuse myself.””
    “”I love a stupid joke, something that doesn’t make any sense.””
    “”Stand-up was my entree into the entertainment world. I didn’t have to act out somebody else’s words. I could just stand there with a microphone, and nobody would interrupt me. It’s the most narcissistic thing you could probably do.””

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