Chicago Mayor, California Governor Allow Illegal Immigrants To Access Coronavirus Relief Funds
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Chicago Mayor, California Governor Allow Illegal Immigrants To Access Coronavirus Relief Funds

The mayor of Chicago and governor of California are allowing illegal aliens to access coronavirus relief programs, even though plenty of American citizens who didn’t enter the country unlawfully are hurting due to the pandemic.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed an executive order on Tuesday that ensured illegal immigrants, as well as lawful immigrants and refugees, had access to receive coronavirus benefits from the city, The Daily Caller reported.

“This order is more than just an official decree, it is a statement of our values as a city and as Americans,” said Lightfoot, a Democrat. “Since COVID-19 first reached our city’s doorstep, we have been working around the clock to ensure all our residents are secure and supported, including our immigrant and refugee communities, who are among the most vulnerable to the impact of this pandemic. Here in Chicago, saying ‘we are all in this together’ means that during this crisis, no one gets left out and no one gets left behind.”

A press release for the executive order lists three of the “numerous” programs available to everyone living in Chicago during the pandemic:

Establishing the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Grant program, which provides disaster relief aid for the housing costs faced by individuals and families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic;
Offering online Enrichment Learning Resources through Chicago Public Schools for all students at all levels, so that each student, regardless of immigration status, can continue to pursue a top-notch education; and
Starting a $100 million Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund to provide small businesses with disaster relief cash flow during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is available to any entrepreneur, including immigrant business owners.
The $2.2 trillion relief package signed by President Donald Trump included $1,200 to all taxpaying U.S. citizens (adjusted for income) and $350 billion in loans to small businesses, which can be forgiven if the businesses rehire employees who were laid off due to coronavirus difficulties.

Over in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) also announced his state would provide economic aid to illegal aliens.

“[W]e always consider those that are documented, those that are undocumented, those that are living in mixed-status families,” Newsom said at a press conference on Friday in response to a question about supporting illegal immigrants.

“Just yesterday, I announced the work we are doing to help support small businesses. I very specifically mentioned in my remarks yesterday that there are many businesses, tens of thousands of businesses that do not and cannot get the support of the [Small Business Administration],” Newsom added.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, some Democrats in congress also wanted coronavirus relief for those in the country unlawfully. Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) said on Univision that “Millions of undocumented [immigrants] who work hard, and they’re outside on the streets now exposing themselves to getting sick, should also receive this kind of protection.”

Last week, Democrats also introduced the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act, which would amend the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus relief package to include unlawful immigrants who acquire an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to file federal taxes.

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