Conservative Female Leaders Rally Around Kavanaugh As He Faces Sexual Assault Allegations
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Conservative Female Leaders Rally Around Kavanaugh As He Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Just before one of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers testified on Thursday, dozens of women rallied on Capitol Hill to support his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Hosted by the Judicial Crisis Network and Concerned Women for America, the rally featured a long list of conservative, female speakers.

Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel and Policy Director at Judicial Crisis Network, has been perhaps one of Kavanaugh’s staunchest defenders and continued to stand up for him when she spoke on Thursday.

While Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s story was troubling, Severino said, men should receive due process. She added that Democrats had pushed allegations that fell apart under further investigation.

“This is a Senate Judiciary process that is broken,” Severino added before saying that accusers didn’t receive enough respect and confidentiality.

“It is a shameful statement,” Severino said during an interview with IJR, “about our Senate judicial confirmation process that this is turning into open season on a long-time, highly-respected public servant’s reputation.”

“What I’m seeing here is more than a whiff of desperation on the part of the Democrats,” she said later in the interview.

IJR also spoke with 19-year-old Jill Albers who held a “I STAND WITH BRETT” sign at the rally on Thursday.

“I’m just sick of the liberals pulling this every time,” she said after alluding to allegations surfacing just before Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Linnea Fairfield, 20, told IJR that even though Democrats may be louder in the debate, Kavanaugh still had support.

“I don’t know the truth,” Fairfield said when asked about the allegations, “but I think that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a trial and if the facts prove that he’s guilty, then he’s guilty. And if the facts prove that he’s innocent, he’s innocent.”

Just blocks away at the Supreme Court, a large crowd of protesters spoke out against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

As the protesters chanted “Kavanaugh, No!” they received a response from a woman who supported his confirmation.

“Kavanaugh, Yes!” Michele Vandervelden chanted back at them. That prompted an exchange with Vandervelden and one of the anti-Kavanaugh protesters.

According to Vandervelden, a protester told her to “get away” and that it wasn’t her rally. “This is a free country,” Vandervelden told IJR. “We stand behind our president and we trust that he picked the right person to be sworn in.”

Caitlin Blunnie, 23, stood in front of a Senate office building on Thursday while holding a sign that read “We believe Dr. Blasey Ford.” “I can’t even imagine what Dr. Blasey Ford is going through today,” Blunnie said after arguing that Dr. Ford had the “right to be heard.”

Blunnie said that this issue was important for her, a victim of sexual assault. She argued that as a survivor, she took a while to come forward about her own assault because of the shame she felt.

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