Dan Bongino Predicts 2 Prosecutions Out of ‘Obamagate’ Attacks on the Trump Presidency
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Dan Bongino Predicts 2 Prosecutions Out of ‘Obamagate’ Attacks on the Trump Presidency

As a former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino has seen sides of Washington that are familiar to few Americans.

As a conservative commentator and author of a book about President Donald Trump’s battles with “the swamp,” he’s read and written more than most about the president’s seemingly endless struggles against the power centers entrenched in the federal government.

So when he all but guarantees prosecutions will be coming out of the tangled morass of what Trump calls “Obamagate” — the Obama administration’s attempts to kneecap the Trump presidency in its earliest days — it’s worth paying attention.

And Bongino did just that in an appearance Monday on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

During the interview, Bongino acknowledged the difficulties of predicting any prosecution activity in the politically charged atmosphere of the capital but said at least two are probably inevitable.

Check it out here:

The first, he said, was the FBI lawyer who put together a warrant application the bureau sought from the secret court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to put Trump campaign aide Carter Page under surveillance.

As a Justice Department Inspector General’s report released in December showed, the FBI’s application omitted the information that Page had worked for a U.S. government agency (probably the CIA) in order to make its weak case that Page might have been an operative for the Russian government.

The second was the government source that leaked the contents of a Dec. 29, 2016, conversation between Michael Flynn, Trump’s then-incoming national security advisor, and Sergey Kislyak, then the Russian ambassador to the United States.

That leak, published in a Jan. 12, 2017, Washington Post piece by Post columnist David Ignatius, was the public spark of events that led to Flynn’s ouster from the Trump White House on Feb. 13, 2017, less than a month into Trump’s presidency.

Flynn’s prosecution on a charge of lying to the FBI followed, and the contorted case is still engulfing Washington in controversy.

There are too many characters in the plot to name at this point, but Bongino said at least a couple of them should be fearing the reach of justice.

“There are two specifically everyone should focus on … The FBI lawyer who manipulated the email about Carter Page to make it appear he was a Russian asset when, in fact, he was a U.S. asset working against the Russians, how he stays out of prison or prosecution is beyond me,” Bongino said.

“If he’s not prosecuted, I would be stunned.

“And secondly, whoever leaked the contents of General Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador — the phone call he was prosecuted for maliciously — whoever leaked that to David Ignatius of The Washington Post unquestionably committed a federal felony.

“How that person, and they have to know who it is at this point … that person, how he stays out of prison, I would be astonished,” Bongino said.

“This case would be meaningless if they get off scot-free.”

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