Florida Gym Seemingly Left Open For Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez
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Florida Gym Seemingly Left Open For Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez

Amidst a wave of stay-at-home orders and business closures, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem to have received special treatment at a local gym near their Miami home Wednesday afternoon.

According to Page Six, the couple was spotted leaving a closed gym earlier this week, with the singer sporting workout attire and the former baseball star plugged into a pair of headphones.

According to the news agency, a sign on the gym door says “This gym is not open. Stay home stay safe.” But the gym seems to have allowed the couple special access, including the ability to squeeze in one more workout session.

While the gym visit occurred the same day Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) declared a stay-at-home order, effective early Friday morning, Miami-Dade county has been under a stay-at-home order since late last month and has also already explicitly banned gyms from staying open, reports The Mercury News.

While the couple may have flaunted the county’s stay-at-home order to go to the gym, they otherwise seem to have been taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, having announced a partnership with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to donate two million meals to the hunger relief organization Feeding America, reports the news agency.

According to The New York Times, Florida has joined over 35 other states who have instituted statewide stay-at-home orders, and in total, local and regional stay-at-home orders have affected over 297 million people.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, during a Wednesday segment on Fox News, DeSantis responded to complaints alleging that he delayed the statewide stay-at-home order too long, and explained that highly impacted local counties, such as Miami-Dade, were already instituting similar orders before the statewide order was issued.

“Well, just so your viewers know, Southeast Florida has about 60 percent of our cases. We have done stay-at-home in conjunction with the mayor of Miami-Dade. So they’ve been under restrictions for a couple of weeks now,” said DeSantis. “I had some counties – I mean, I have counties of half a million people that have only a handful of cases, so we have not done it state-wide. But in our hotspot that had been done.”

“Now with the president doing the extra 30 days, my view is, look, the country has hit the pause button. We’ve hit the pause button. This is the number one, two, three priority,” DeSantis continued. “I know there was talk about getting the economy back a little sooner, but I think that unless we just deal with this – and so I felt it made sense to extend it statewide.”

“Obviously, we have a lot of parts of Florida that haven’t been hit as hard as Miami or Broward, but we want to keep it that way, and we don’t want to see more spread in those areas, it’s just Southeast Florida that’s kind of our epicenter,” DeSantis added. “We’ve put a lot of resources down there. We don’t want there to be a massive surge obviously, but we’ve got a lot of resources staged there. So I think it’s the best policy for the state at this time.”

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