It Goes on: NBC Fires 'Top Producer' Over Sexual Harassment Allegations from More Than one Woman
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It Goes on: NBC Fires ‘Top Producer’ Over Sexual Harassment Allegations from More Than one Woman

Hollywood’s executives are popping like cherries as far as sexual harassment accusations are considered.

Now, The Wrap reported that NBC Universal fired Matt Zimmerman, a senior vice president at the network, due to claims of “inappropriate conduct with more than one woman at NBCU.”

Here is what The Hollywood Reporter reported regarding Zimmerman’s indecent behavior:

‘Sources say the allegations were recently brought to the attention of human resources. At issue were multiple relationships with women who were junior to Zimmerman and, in at least one case, a direct report said one source. NBC News policy stipulates that such relationships must be disclosed to human resources.

Zimmerman, who was a senior VP at NBC News, is a veteran of The Today Show and in 2014 was elevated to lead a streamlined NBC News booking department.’

NBC also called it quits with Mark Halperin, who was also a part of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” who was also put out on the spot for sexually harassing several women in the industry. Reports explain he tended to “rub his erection” on his female coworkers, while “asking them for sex” as well.

The Harvey Weinstein story started an eruption of aftereffects, where no soul was spared. Men and women in Hollywood finally crossed the bridge of embarrassment and silence, exposing sexual predators in Hollywood, including Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Richard Dreyfuss, Ben Affleck, and others.

According to Fox News, the Weinstein story became the sparkle everyone was waiting for to ignite a massive fire, unlike anything we’ve seen so far:

‘Zimmerman’s dismissal comes as NBC has faced embarrassment and a barrage of criticism for spiking an explosive expose on sexual misconduct by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The New York Times would eventually break the story, which led to a barrage of high profile men being accused of sexual harassment.’

As matters stand, the angry voices of Hollywood aren’t likely to quiet down anytime soon.

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