Jesse Watters Puts in Place Antifa Member who Wants to Use Violence against Trump [VIDEO]
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Jesse Watters Puts in Place Antifa Member who Wants to Use Violence against Trump [VIDEO]

Jesse Watters, the host in Fox News on his show Saturday, discussed with a Boston young Antifa member who recently has written a letter to which he is calling on his fellow anti-Trump comrades to practice violence to remove the Donald Trump from the office of the president.

The Antifa protesters who are an anti-fascist movement held nationwide protests on Saturday. They are unmistakably opposing Trump and his administration and often practice violence against the supporters of Trump. They are connected with the violent demonstrations in Washington D.C., in the time of president’s inauguration, as well as to many demonstrations across the country, such as the Berkeley, California demonstrations.

Antifa protesters are unashamed about their violent practices. One Boston member, who only said his name is Kevin in his Fox News appearance, recently wrote an essay on an anarchist website in which he stated that in order to remove Trump from his office that violence needs to be used.

Kevin wrote that it was time for the progressives and liberals to start acknowledging the anarchist movement and its approach because they have no one to fight for them.

Watters wasted no time roasting Kevin when they debated over Skype.

He started with questions about Kevin’s statement that if violence must be practiced then it should be. After he was pressed Kevin started accusing Watters of turning the facts.

Kevin said they want violence only as a self-defense method from the racists and xenophobes that attack them at their peaceful demonstrations.

When Watters asked who is attacking the Antifa groups, Kevin claimed that it was the “racists.”

Watters questioned if the Klan members were one of the attackers.

Kevin clarified that they are under attack by the right-wing Trump supporters and he added that all of them are racist.

After that Watters was played video footage of Antifa members attacking people at violent demonstrations.

Watters asked Kevin how was that in self-defense?

Kevin answered that all of the violent action is to respond to the “right-wing aggression.”

Watters shot back if firebombing a limousine during the inauguration was in self-defense and got a positive response from Kevin.

After Watters revealed that the driver of the limousine was a Muslim immigrant Kevin started dodging Watters’ points.

Kevin said that the right wingers had committed some of the violence so they make Antifa look bad.

Watters also asked him about whether the horse that was stabbed by an Antifa member was a Trump supporter, and Kevin replied that this horse belonged to the police which is waging a war against the immigrants and people of color.

Kevin also said that he cast his vote for Hillary Clinton in last year’s presidential election, but was originally a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

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  1. norman

    July 16, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    I don’t know how to contact him but the Robinsons want him to go duck huntin !

  2. John Tark

    July 16, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    I know he is a mucho macho hombre. He looks like he has the 1000 yard smile of a combat hardened
    soldier {sarc} He has been beat up more than a drum. If this is the enemy I think they will be easily beaten. Lil old sissy boy.

  3. Jim

    July 16, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    I think he is nuts!!

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