Jimmy Fallon's Writer Urges That Trump's Supporters Need to Have Their Kids Taken Away
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Jimmy Fallon’s Writer Urges That Trump’s Supporters Need to Have Their Kids Taken Away

When it comes to President Donald Trump, there is not length the liberals won’t go to, just to have him undermined.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” writer Jen Statsky became the latest person to go after Trump via social media, after she tweeted Sunday, commenting that those who supported Trump are not deserving of having children of their own.

“Light reminder that being president of the US means nothing anymore if you support Trump you should have your children taken away, etc etc,” she wrote.

So, this is when things heated up for the writer, as far as the crowd’s response is concerned. The writer has been involved in several projects so far, including “Parks and Recreation,” “Broad City,” and a debut show called “The Good Place.”

‘A Good Place’, you say? That sounds awfully like the kind of show Statsky could learn from, given the title. Is this a good place for children who are there safe from any liberal hatred and intolerance?

The writer got what she deserved after social media users turned against her:

If this doesn’t serve as wake-up call for Statsky, nothing really will. Because once you begin bashing US children, just to express your political narrative- well, you have a storm coming your way.

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  1. Brenda West

    October 2, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    Ignorant comments like this are why I no longer watch Jimmy Fallon.

  2. William R Wolf

    October 2, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    I don’t agree with Jimmy Fallon, and all of thees Malcontents, that are condemning President Trump, and bad mouthing him, for their liberal bias. The President is doing all of the right things, but the whining media and nutty Democrats, and hell bent on trying to destroy his term as President, and hoping to change the minds of us conservatives. It just won’t happen, so give up liberals, you are making fools of yourselves. I pray that all of these malcontents that hate Trump for some nutty reason, will leave this Country, so Trump can “Make America Great Again”. Now, I’m boycotting NBC’s Jimmy Fallon show.

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