Joe Biden: I Am ‘Constantly Tested’ For Cognitive Decline
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Joe Biden: I Am ‘Constantly Tested’ For Cognitive Decline

Presumptive Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said during a press conference on Tuesday that he is “constantly tested” when asked by a reporter if he has been screened for cognitive decline.

“Some have speculated that you are subject to some degree of cognitive decline,” the reporter said. “I’m 65, I don’t have word recollection that I used to have, I forgot my train of thought from time to time. You got 12 years on me, sir.”

“Have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?” the reporter asked.

“I’ve been tested and I’m constantly tested,” Biden responded. “Look, all you got to do is watch me and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”


Some online suggested that Biden may have gotten confused with coronavirus testing when he made the remark but it should be noted that Biden said earlier during the news conference that he had not been tested for the coronavirus.

Another story line from the news conference was the way that the media treated Biden, as it gave him numerous softball questions and did not ask him a single question about the recent revelation that he, as vice president, allegedly had mentioned using the Logan Act against then-incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn which contradicts previous claims that he made to the American public that he was not involved with the investigation.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer tweeted: “So far, no one has asked about why Biden mentioned the Logan Act in January 2017 and misled the public about his role in the prosecution of Michael Flynn.”

“The difference between the tenor of the questions to Biden compared to the questions asked of Trump is striking,” Fleischer continued. “After 8 years of going easy on Obama, almost 4 years of being brutal to Trump, the MSM seems happy to go easy again.”

Fleischer added, “What wasn’t asked: 1) Anything about Biden’s role in authorizing surveillance against the Trump campaign 2) Do blue lives matter? 3) Should CHOP in Seattle never have been allowed? 4) will you prosecute those who destroy statues? 5) Should NYPD be cut $1 billion?”

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel wrote: “Wow. Biden comes out of basement and agrees to finally answer a question or two. Our intrepid press corps uses the moment to ask him to explain, over and over, just how awesome he’ll be.”

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