‘Joker’ Movie Slammed By Social Justice Warriors For Glorifying ‘Incel’ Violence
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‘Joker’ Movie Slammed By Social Justice Warriors For Glorifying ‘Incel’ Violence

The new killer clown biopic, “Joker,” based loosely on the eponymous Batman villain, may be raking in the accolades at global film festivals, but social justice warriors are loudly warning audiences to shy away from the film.

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According to leftists on social media, “Joker,” which has yet to see a global release — meaning most average theatergoers are still waiting to see Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the iconic Arkham Asylum resident — the film glorifies “incel violence” and “paints mass murder as the logical conclusion” of a “neurodivergent white man being failed by the system.”

In other words — words regularly used by people who haven’t wasted money on a gender studies degree — “Joker” allows “incels,” or the movement of mostly young white men who consider themselves “involuntarily celibate,” to relate to a mainstream character, and explains — and even, they say, justifies — a descent into violence.

SJWs argue that audiences will be encouraged to sympathize with Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, who leads a lonely life and suffers regular bullying — an existence which eventually drives him to become a psychotic killer clown — and that sympathy might carry over to real-world incels. Others claim that widespread love for the Joker might actually inspire real life “incels” to commit real-world violence.

The Joker movie is, therefore, problematic.

Commenter Rachel Miller really doesn’t want a Joker movie.

“I don’t want to be shown what a poor, unfortunate underdog this man was who was sadly forced by circumstances and that nasty Batman to take up a life of crime,” she writes. “I don’t want to have sympathy for a man best known for his robbery, murder and arguable rape shoved down my throat for two hours.”

“I don’t want this to be sold as a relatable story that can happen to anyone with a bad enough day, and I don’t want to be around any of the lonely white boys who relate to it,” Miller continues.

Heather Antos sums it up on Twitter by suggesting that people are regularly motivated to commit acts of senseless violence by works of fiction.

There are a few problems with the SJW line of thinking: for starters, people aren’t generally pushed into psychotic murder sprees by works of fiction like movies or video games. But there’s also the content of the movie itself. It seems not only are the SJWs commenting prematurely, they’re not remotely accurate in their criticism according to sites like CBR.com and leftist media stalwart, The Guardian.

“However, some reviewers argue that at no point does the film place the Joker squarely in the right. Instead, it exposes the world that led Fleck to become a monster. Yet, at the end of the day, he’s still a monster,” according to CBR, which synthesized a number of early reviews looking for evidence of “Joker” celebrating incels. “While you understand, and may even like, the protagonist in Goodfellas, Casino or The King of Comedy, the film goes out of its way to establish he’s not a good person.”

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