Judge Smacks Chicago with Harsh 'Sanctuary Cities' Policy
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Judge Smacks Chicago with Harsh ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Policy

The DOJ’s sanctions referring to sanctuary cities, especially Chicago, have caused for the city to enter panic mode, as one District Court judge tried to avoid them.

The policy was supposed to be an easy task for Chicago, but Chicago District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber was not interested in it and wrote a decision Thursday, stating that in this case, injunction would be a little rushed move because the Department of Justice did not withhold a grant from the city.

“Although Chicago argues that the DOJ letter ‘staked out a final view’ on Section 1373, this does not change the fact that DOJ has yet to determine about Chicago’s eligibility for funds,” wrote Leinenweber in his decision, adding, “Litigating a policy position based on a preliminary assessment is premature, and this Court will not do so.”

As a matter of fact, the DOJ made the decision to cease all federal law enforcement grants intended for municipalities which are not respectful of the immigration law.

Justice Department spokesman Devin O’Malley defended the ruling in a Thursday statement:

“The Justice Department is pleased that the District Court has once again found that conditioning our law enforcement grants on compliance with Section 1373 is lawful. The Department is now one step closer to distributing law enforcement funds to cooperating jurisdictions, as unnecessary litigation—like the motion properly denied today—has delayed that process,” the statement reads.

Sanctuary cities in America go through courts to fight the DOJ’s policy that would take away all federal grants in cities who do not comply with federal immigration laws.

Leinenweber, who worked under Reagan and served five terms as a Republican member of the House from 1973 to 1983, hasn’t always sent a clear message.

Back in September, the judge decided upon a ruling, preventing the Trump administration’s rules that connect federal immigration law compliance to public safety grants to enter into force.

That Chicago, as per Leinenweber, showed a “likelihood of success” showing how the Justice Department can impose authority if it wants to. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel pointed out as well that the city would suffer “irreparable harm” if immigrant policies of any sorts are introduced to the city’s legislation.

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