LiAngelo Ball Says He Was Forced to Thank President Trump for Saving Him from Chinese Prison
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LiAngelo Ball Says He Was Forced to Thank President Trump for Saving Him from Chinese Prison

On Tuesday, UCLA’s former and infamous player LiAngelo Ball got to watch the Los Angeles Lakers game against the New York Knicks live from the courtside.

Many celebrities gathered to watch the game as well, including film director Spike Lee:

Victoria Secret model Bella Hadid also made a sensation in the arena:

LiAngelo, whose brother Lonzo Ball is a point guard for the Lakers, seemed to be having a nice time.

However, he had a pretty turbulent period in the past month. At the beginning of November, LiAngelo Ball got himself arrested in Hangzhou, China along with other players due to shoplifting.

Had it not been for President Trump, who persuaded Chinese President Xi to take it easy on the boys, they would have never come home safely.

One might think this would spark gratitude in LiAngelo, but that was not the case with his father at all.

On the flip side, UCLA’s thanked Trump during a press conference, including LiAngelo Ball.

On Wednesday, LiAngelo stated for a New York radio show “The Breakfast Club” that it wasn’t his intention to escalate things this far.

Furthermore, he added that he wouldn’t apologize if asked for it:

“They wanted to hear that, and he tweeted about it before my speech so I had to add him in there right before I gave it. …

My school wanted to hear it, too. Before I went up there, it was like, ‘You gotta thank him.’ I just threw him in there real quick before I gave my speech. …

If they didn’t want me to do it. … If they didn’t tell me to do it, it wouldn’t have been in there, to be honest.”

All three players involved in the incident were suspended thereafter, so LiAngelo Ball’s father, LaVar Ball, decided to pull him off the team and sign him a contract with an average Lithuanian team, where he’ll play with younger brother, LaMelo Ball.



  1. abacus

    December 14, 2017 at 8:38 am

    The ungrateful bastard should have been left to rot.

  2. Jackson Smith

    December 14, 2017 at 10:49 am

    We deplorables knew you were not speaking the truth. We only wish you could have vacationed there for several more years. . Maybe you would appreciate the wheeling and dealing that went into your rescue.

  3. billy studer

    December 14, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    you steal pay the consequence…..

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