After Losing his Battle with Trump, LaVar Ball Makes Announcement about His Son Future Career at UCLA
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After Losing his Battle with Trump, LaVar Ball Makes Announcement about His Son Future Career at UCLA

No deed ever went unpunished, and LaVar Ball is the perfect example for that. Namely, after picking a fight with President Trump, LaVar Ball noted he will withdraw his son, LiAngelo Ball, from UCLA.

The reason for this is the indefinite suspension on the freshman.

LiAngelo found himself in a whole lot of problems after being arrested in China for theft. Ever since, UCLA took measures and sanctioned the player, despite the fact that the Chinese government released him and two others from the UCLA.

The reason these players were released in the first place was due to President Trump’s appeal to China. LaVar Ball, however, doesn’t seem to be thankful for this move and said his son will focus on getting drafted by the NBA.

“We are exploring other options with Gelo,” Ball said. “He’s out of there.”

Ball’s oldest son, Lonzo, is playing his first season for the Lakers, after showing off his talent in the UCLA. On the other hand, that was not at all the case with LiAngelo.

Ball assured everyone that his son won’t attend another college. “He’s not transferring to another school. The plan is now to get Gelo ready for the NBA draft.”

The bitter father also went after UCLA administrators, stating they treated his son worse than the Chinese legal authorities.

“I’m not sitting back and waiting. He wasn’t punished this bad in China. We get back over here, and the consequences were even stiffer than China. So basically they’re in jail here.”

Ball wasn’t in touch with the university regarding his decision. “I haven’t told any of those guys,” Ball said. “They didn’t tell me anything, so why am I gonna tell them?”

In addition, he noted the school’s basketball staff was purposely leaving his son out of games.

“They had him there just to use the Ball family name. They were going to keep the best shooter on the team coming off the bench? That’s like telling the Clippers back in the day not to play JJ Redick.”

Ball is certain, though, that LiAngelo will make a great fit for the NBA. “I’m going to make him way better for the draft than UCLA ever could have.”

Still, many have doubts about this turn of events. “He’s not on any of our scouting lists — even the extended lists,” a general manager told ESPN.

President Trump and LaVar Ball have been bickering non-stop ever since Trump pulled his son out of jail, a fact Ball doesn’t want to admit to this day.

Many took LaVar Ball’s call as a sign of weakness and uncertainty.

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