Loud Liberal Protesters Annoy Crowd at Trump Golf Course
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Loud Liberal Protesters Annoy Crowd at Trump Golf Course

An alleged women’s advocate group tried to hijack the Women’s Open at the Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey  in a form of protest against President Donald Trump and the US Golf Association, but were perceived as rather annoying according to reports.

“Crazy wacked out libs,” a woman attending the tournament said while walking by the protesters, as described by NJ.com.

“Go into the woods and find Hillary,” another agitated attendee yelled.

The “loudest opponent” was allegedly a Taiwanese immigrant who slammed the so-called women’s advocates for a propaganda she claimed to be a bunch of nonsense.

“What rights have you lost?” she asked. “We don’t all buy into this propaganda.”

Part of a group identifies itself as UltraViolet, and the protesters’ brawl with the president was basically groundless.

UltraViolet campaign director Emma Boorboor stated that she came to express her revolt with the USGA, and the alleged fact they were using a women’s sport to promote a “sexual predator”.

This statement sparked outrage, since some find that ex-President Bill Clinton may fit perfectly into this category, yet women advocates, feminists and activists used to shower him with love and attention.

In an interview with the Golf Channel, UltraViolet coordinator Melissa Byrne said that it was important for them to go inside and let it be known to the USGA, LPGA, and the PGA that hosting events at Trump’s venues sends a message that sexism and sexual assaults are okay.

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1 Comment

  1. Marty Scraggus

    July 18, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    Turn on the sprinklers !

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