A Man And His Plunger Gave Hurricane Harvey Victims Something To Smile About [VIDEO]
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A Man And His Plunger Gave Hurricane Harvey Victims Something To Smile About [VIDEO]

Hurricane Harvey took the toll on many American families, who were left trapped in the Houston floods. The entire area in the city is now basically a giant river where emergency teams are trying to act.

A brave hero from Houston stepped out in midst of the floods, taking along a plunger, and leaving to help the victims who were less fortunate in the tragedy. The man then used the plunger on the road to try and clog it.

Although it would be impossible for him to achieve the desired effect, the video below is certainly an eye-catcher:

Posted by Crystal Monjaras on Sunday, August 27, 2017

As Ben Shapiro would care to say, what happened in Houston triggered “the best of America: Americans helping Americans in Houston.”

“Race, creed, color — none of it mattered,” he wrote for The Daily Wire. “Americans were in need, and other Americans moved to help them.”

There were several other cases of heroism and willingness to help- from a reporter who entered the water to save a lost man, then Papa Johns offering first responders food as gratitude, to this very man seen above trying to put his neighbors in a good spirit.

A little always goes a long way, and a long way is something America needs right now. Knowing that your neighbor has your back at all times is a safety privilege not given to many, and seeing how Americans supported themselves during this week is quite impressive.

Hurricane Harvey was considered “the worst rainstorm in U.S. history,” costing more than 14 people their lives and causing irreparable damage on site.

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