Mark Wahlberg and Navy SEAL Shut Down CNN Reporter on Live TV for Spreading Fake News [VIDEO]
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Mark Wahlberg and Navy SEAL Shut Down CNN Reporter on Live TV for Spreading Fake News [VIDEO]

CNN’s Jake Tapper had an interview with Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg and ex-Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell three years ago, in which the reporter crossed a major like while talking to the duo regarding the biographical movie ‘Lone Survivor.’

The movie tells the story of a group of SEALs, trapped in Afghanistan in 2005, and caught under a siege. As Tapper put it delicately the movie triggered feelings “of all the hopelessness of the situation — how horrific it was and also just all that loss of life of these brave American men.”

But, Luttrell, was not ready to let this pass:

“I don’t know what part of the film you were watching, but hopelessness really ever came into it,” he snapped. “I mean, where did you see that? Because there was never a point where we just felt like we were hopelessly lost or anything like that. We never gave up. We never felt like we were losing until we were actually dead.”

The two then had a little face-off, in which Tapper was the one taught a valuable lesson:

“Just the sense of all these wonderful people who died,” he said. “It seemed senseless. I don’t mean to disrespect in any way, but it seemed senseless — all of these wonderful people who were killed for an op that went wrong.”

“We spend our whole lives training to defend this country and then we were sent over there by this country — so you’re telling me because we were over there doing what we were told by our country that it was senseless,” Luttrell promptly replied. “And my guys — what? They died for nothing?”

“No, I’m not saying that,” Tapper tried to justify his words.

“That’s what you said,” the former Navy SEAL noted. “So, let me just say, it went bad for us over there, but that was our job. That’s what we did. We didn’t complain about it.”

Tapper never clarified his statement. In the meantime, reports stated that Tapper had “suggested in an interview that the ‘lone survivor’s’ fellow veterans died for nothing,” although he stood against this claim:

Tapper made efforts to ease the awkward interview by saying, “Maybe it’s just the difference between what a civilian feels when he watches this versus what a soldier feels.”

“Absolutely,” Wahlberg added. “I completely agree.”

When in doubt, Tapper, stay silent- that will serve you more in the future.

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  1. Steven Carson

    August 28, 2017 at 6:02 am

    Things never go as planned or the way that we want them to go in any war. if we could see into the future we could stop our men and women in uniform from dying but we can’t. Crapper seems to think that we shouldn’t go fight anyone in another country. Apparently he wants these evil people to come into our country and kill us here. Yes we already have enough of them here and with policies like we had from Obama it wouldn’t surprise me if something happened. Obama would love for something like that to happen so he could blame Trump for it. All we can do is learn from our mistakes in war and try to make things better in order to keep our troops safer.

  2. Steve

    September 10, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Why would let Coumo handle this subject?…..the guy is a major asswipe!

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