Meghan Markle's Ex-Best Friend Claims Fame Changed Actress, Sends Warning to Prince Harry: “Tread Cautiously”
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Meghan Markle’s Ex-Best Friend Claims Fame Changed Actress, Sends Warning to Prince Harry: “Tread Cautiously”

The world recently celebrated Prince Harry’s engagement with Hollywood actress Meghan Markle, but for some, this was a cause that triggered disappointment as soon as the news broke.

In fact, Markle’s youth best friend Ninaki Priddy considers this decision to be the wrong one. The Los Angeles jewelry designer gave an interview for The Daily Mail, in which there were a few pictures of the former BFFs taking a stroll in London.

“It’s like she has been planning this all her life,” Priddy said. “She gets exactly what she wants and Harry has fallen for her play.”

“She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0. She will play her role ably, but my advice to him is to tread cautiously.”

Markle insisted to make a name of herself in the acting business to the point where people began calling her “Princess Pushy.”

The two friend’s relationship began shattering after Markle decided to divorce her first husband, producer Trevor Engelson.

“What came to light after Trevor and I spoke ended my friendship with Meghan,” she said. “I think everybody who knew them both was in shock.

“All I can say now is that I think Meghan was calculated, very calculated, in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends.”

As per Priddy, Markle’s ‘cruelty’ in a way came as a result of the fact that she “always wanted to be famous. …

“After the wedding, it was like a light switched off. There’s Meghan Before Fame and Meghan After Fame.”

Could there be more to this story we don’t know about?

1996 Meghan Markle (15-year-old) with her friend Ninaki Priddy pose in front of Buckingham Palace during a European trip…

Posted by Prince Harry & Ms. Meghan Markle on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

“Ninaki’s pre-fallout reminiscences suggest a friendship where she basked in the reflected beauty, vivaciousness, and glory of her friend, seeing her achieve her lifelong ambition to become a famous actress then marrying the handsome, successful Trevor with her lifelong buddy as maid of honor,” The Sun’s Jane Moore wrote.

“And now, of course, Meghan has met a real-life prince who is besotted by her. [But] perhaps, as Ninaki suggests, fame did change Meghan and she forgot who her friends were.”

As things are looking right now, we cannot be sure of anything really. We can only continue to either support or boycott the royal engagement, at least until the truth makes its way to the public.

What do you think is actually happening with Meghan Markle? Did she make the right choice by agreeing to marry Prince Harry?

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  1. John Bill

    December 12, 2017 at 10:47 am

    I think you should report on real news and leave the sensational news to the national inquirerer.

    Sounds like the friend is jealous, if she in fact even said that. If you are going frim the tweet you have taken things out of context

    This had nothing to do with the United States. Harry is a very intelligent man, I’m sure he is making the best decision for his life.

    • John Bill

      December 12, 2017 at 10:48 am

      Correction: from*

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