Megyn Kelly Doubles Down Against Trump with Andrea Mitchell, Says He’d Have a Hard Time in Court
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Megyn Kelly Doubles Down Against Trump with Andrea Mitchell, Says He’d Have a Hard Time in Court

Megyn Kelly has no mercy for President Donald Trump. The former Fox news anchor just joined the ‘enemy’ team and took the opportunity to bash the POTUS regarding various sexual harassment claims.

On Monday, Kelley named three of Trump’s accusers, which was an opening for her new NBC show that struggled with viewership.

However, she stayed in the loop as a guest on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” later in the evening.

“I used to practice law for 10 years,” Kelly told host Andrea Mitchell. “As a practical matter, the consistency of the allegations and his own admissions on tape deliver a problematic case to him.”

As Kelly pointed out, Trump could have faced plenty of trouble if his accusers ever decided to speak.

“One of the women who was on my show this morning talked about how he came backstage at the Miss USA pageant,” Kelly said. “She was Miss North Carolina at the time.”

Kelly noted she knows that Trump treated women as if they were “pieces of meat” before gazing at them uncomfortably.

“[He] lined them up like pieces of meat, she said, and looked them up and down in the privacy of the dressing room.” Kelly continued. “Donald Trump is on tape with Howard Stern admitting he liked to do that, even though he’s called this woman a liar.”

So far, Kelly explains there are around 16 to 20 women who have claimed that the President sexually harassed them, some of which she made contact with to hear their stories.

Kelly said the following about US Ambassador Nikki Haley:

“Good for her,” Kelly said. “Because this should not break down across partisan lines. Either you’re for women or you’re not. Either you want women to be able to tell their stories or you don’t.”

President Trump was quick to dismiss all allegations against him:

New York Democrat Sen. Kristen Gillibrand finally sided with Bill and Hillary Clinton, only to harm Trump in the process.

She then demanded that Trump leaves office, so Trump couldn’t hold it anymore.

For Americans who appreciate the truth, this is a clear example of Democrats playing a predator-prey game in efforts to bring Trump down.

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