Melania's Choice of Restaurant Shows She Really Cares About the People of Texas - It’s Very Different from Michelle’s
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Melania’s Choice of Restaurant Shows She Really Cares About the People of Texas – It’s Very Different from Michelle’s

First Lady Melania Trump earned America’s respect after taking time off her schedule to make a quick trip to Texas together with Karen Pence and Texas first lady Cecilia Abbott. Melania proved she’s nothing but modest after she decided to make a pit stop at a Whataburger restaurant and get a sandwich.

“Ms. Trump, Second Lady Karen Pence, and their team visited the flagship location of Whataburger in Corpus Christi,” Fox News reported. “Her aide Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of Trump ordering her lunch at the counter.”

It is safe to say, Melania’s excursion was a huge success.

Compared to the Obamas, who found themselves eating a few burgers during the eight years of their ruling, Melania Trump wasn’t the one to complain about the food we’re eating like her predecessor.

Also, the fact that Melania chose Whataburger as a preference, scored her valuable points with Americans who respect the brand as well.

In addition, Melania got the thumbs up from several food critics, such as Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, hosts of the “Doughboys” podcast, who also paid Whataburger a visit and had the most wonderful experience at the restaurant.

“The first time I had Whataburger, I really didn’t get it, and I compared it to Burger King,” Mitchell stated afterward. “This was my second time having Whataburger, and now I get it. I get it.”

Melania sure knows how to pick’em.

While in Texas, both Melania and Karen organized a luncheon for their reporting staff as well:

As per ABC News, the female duo spent part of their day “in Corpus Christi meeting with first responders who worked on the Hurricane Harvey relief effort” and then carried on to Rockport meeting “with a family whose home was destroyed in the storm.”

“They also visited the family’s new Manufactured Housing Unit, provided by FEMA, which will serve as the family’s temporary residence until they can move into a new, rebuilt home,” ABC News reported. “The women also visited an elementary school and food bank.”

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