Michael Ian Black Blames NRA for YouTube HQ Shooting
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Michael Ian Black Blames NRA for YouTube HQ Shooting

As news of the shooting at YouTube’s San Bruno, California, headquarters was still coming in, actor-comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted of his plans to “politicize the fuck out of” the shooting and blame it on the “NRA and its blood-soaked lackeys.”

“Another shooting. I’m going to politicize the fuck out of it, and so should you,” Black tweeted. “The NRA is a terrorist organization.”

When Twitter users urged Black to wait for the facts before politicizing the incident, the Hot American Summer star responded by admitting he does not know who the shooter was but is sure they got their gun via the “NRA and its blood-soaked lackeys.”

“No, I don’t know who the shooter is. It doesn’t matter if they are an NRA member Yes, I know how they got the gun: the NRA and its blood-soaked lackeys made it possible for that person to get it,” Black wrote.

Black sent another tweet calling the NRA a “terrorist organization.”

Black complained about the “easy access of firearms,” although California the most stringent gun controls in American.

For example, one has to acquire a gun safety certificate from the state before being allowed to purchase a gun to keep in their home. Once they have the certificate they must go to a gun store, choose a gun, pass a background check, and then wait 10 days before being allowed to take it home. They must also register the gun with the state of California. In order to carry the gun for self-defense they have to convince their county sheriff they have “good cause” to do so, which is part of the process of going through another background check to acquire a concealed carry permit.

California also has an “assault weapons” ban and ammunition controls.

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