MSNBC Host Cheers at the Thought of a Recession Finally Hurting Trump's Approval Numbers: 'Good'
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MSNBC Host Cheers at the Thought of a Recession Finally Hurting Trump’s Approval Numbers: ‘Good’

While discussing how the economy has not taken a nosedive over Donald Trump being president and his higher than predicted approval ratings, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace cheered at the thought of a recession hurting Trump’s support among his voters.

“What stuns me is why the markets have not reacted to the lack of stability,” Wallace’s guest, presidential historian Jon Meacham, said. “They’re beginning to on the tariffs. But remember, that’s what everybody said.”

He pointed to how President Richard Nixon lost support:

“I continue to believe the reason his approval rating has a four in front of it is what I keep thinking of as the 401(k) Trumpists. Their numbers are up. They don’t pay as much attention to all of this as we do, which is probably healthy for them. Without this prosperity, and a friend of mine pointed out this morning that it wasn’t until Nixon’s recession that the Watergate stuff drove.”

“You think that’s where the bottom falls out?” Wallace asked.

“I think so,” Meacham replied.

“Um … OK. Good,” Wallace said as the panel laughed.

Watch the video below:

Wallace is no fan of Trump or his family, having asked on the air earlier this year if the women in his family are “dead inside” or “paid off.”

“What do they do on a day like today?” Wallace asked. “Are they just the most stoic human beings, are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off, I mean, what’s their deal?”

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1 Comment

  1. inge hoy

    July 3, 2018 at 11:33 am

    –IF Wallace & family are not happy – WHY don´t they emigtate “to somewhere better” ?-

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