Mystery of Heartbreaking Couple Photo in Vegas Massacre is Revealed by Photographer - Here's What Happened
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Mystery of Heartbreaking Couple Photo in Vegas Massacre is Revealed by Photographer – Here’s What Happened

There were many photos which erupted from Las Vegas’ incident from three days ago, but one, in particular, grabbed everyone’s attention. The photo we’re referring to includes a couple, and as photographer David Becker explained, when he took a photo, there was a male was lying on top of a woman, shielding her from a wave of bullets flying around. As he says, the couple made it through.

“I don’t know if she was injured but he was very clearly shielding her with his body and protecting her,” he explained shortly after. “I saw them both get up and run away.”

Becker noted the entire scene was a big bloody scene, caused by shooter Paddock who took the lives of 59 innocent souls.

“I went outside to see what was happening and a security guy said it was just ‘firecrackers,’ so I went back to work,” he said. “The second time I heard the popping sounds somebody said to me “it was just speakers or sound equipment” and again, I went back into the media tent and continued to work. Then the noises went again and that was when the crowd started to flee.”

“It was so dark I couldn’t really see what was happening, there were a lot of people crying, speaking on cell phones and ducking for cover,” Becker said.

“As the crowd thinned out I was able to go a little closer to try and see what was going on and take some more pictures, and I’m still thinking to myself, ‘it’s just the speakers, there is nothing going on,’” he said.

“There were groups of people helping each other everywhere and a real sense of people running for cover. People were fleeing, they were panicking.

“The gun fire was sporadic, it would stop and then more shots, then a lull and then more shots. I could hear people yelling at them to shut off the lights, to be quiet.

“People were cowering, they were very fearful for their lives. A woman tripped right in front of me, a man shielded a woman with his body before I saw them both get up and run away, a man in a wheelchair was helped to an exit,” he said.

It was when he first looked at his photos that he understood the concept.

“It had been so dark outside I couldn’t see the details, I just saw a lot of people laying on the ground thinking they were playing possum, but now I could see people covered in blood and I thought, this is real,” the photographer said.

“When I saw the image of the woman lying on the ground covered in blood, that was when the impact of what I was experiencing hit; when I realized people were dying.”

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