NARRATIVE FAIL: Minorities, LGBT Community, Women Show Up In Force At Pro-Gun Rally
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NARRATIVE FAIL: Minorities, LGBT Community, Women Show Up In Force At Pro-Gun Rally

The leftist American mainstream media tried to cast Monday’s pro-Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia, as a white supremacist event that only extremists were planning on attending.

It turned out that entire narrative was widely false.

There were approximately 22,000 pro-freedom activists that showed up; the event concluded with no reported incidents occurring and only one arrest being made — a female who police say repeatedly ignored their warnings to remove a mask that she was wearing.

It is not clear if the person who was arrested, who was later released, was even a part of the pro-gun crowd or if she was part of the The Revolutionary Communist Party, whom Getty Images reported were the only counter protesters who attended.

Even NBC News was forced to admit that the rally was peaceful and that law-abiding gun owners acted lawfully and peacefully in a piece titled: “At tense Virginia rally, demonstrators reject extremists, defend law-abiding gun owners.”

NBC News’ report comes after a leftist NBC News reporter falsely smeared gun owners ahead of the event by attempting to frame the narrative by claiming that the event was a “white nationalist rally.”

The reporter was later forced to delete his tweet after facing widespread backlash on Twitter.

NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck tweeted out a video clip that showed the numerous false and deceptive statements that were made by far-left cable news networks CNN and MSNBC.


The rally was held in response to Virginia Democrats’ extremist proposals seeking to destroy the freedoms of law-abiding citizens in the state.

The media tried to claim that the event was going to be attended by angry white conservative men and that violence was likely to break out, neither of which materialized.

Members of the LGBT community, Democrats, and gay rights supporters attended the event, declaring that “Gun Rights Are Gay Rights.”

The black community showed up in large numbers in support gun rights, a fact that went widely under-reported by the media.

One black Second Amendment supporter told Breitbart News: “I do not support in any way, shape, or form Governor Northam’s and the Democrats’ gun control. What I also don’t support is the fact that every news piece you’ve seen this weekend they’ve always brought up the issue of race as though it’s nothing but white rednecks and hillbillies out here who care for the Second Amendment, when actually black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Americans in general care about the Second Amendment. I work a gun store part-time and I can’t tell you the number of customers I see of all races, all colors, all creeds, who care about the Second Amendment and who just peaceably live their lives, enjoy their rights and the Second Amendment. So, that’s why I’m out here and big media, mainstream media be damned, if you take a good look at me you can see that I’m a black American and all I’m out here for is to enjoy my Second Amendment rights. That’s why I’m here.”

Other videos on social media showed black Americans expressing anger at the media for lying about the event and for hoping that bad things would have happened at the rally so they could push an agenda.





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