NFL Proposes 5 Rules to Fix Descending Ratings after Anthem Protests
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NFL Proposes 5 Rules to Fix Descending Ratings after Anthem Protests

President Trump and original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick have built a strong hate-on-hate relationship, with the first disapproving of the latter’s doing, while the latter throwing shade on America like never before.

This further caused a mass protest train at the NFL, and in just three weeks, the entire League blew out in massive protests, causing one of the biggest anti-country strikes so far.

As a result, the NFL’s numbers began shrinking, both in viewership and ticket sales, causing a terrible meltdown within the League.

“Knowing the league the way I know the league, they are first and foremost concerned about the impact on their business,” NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith told ESPN.

Smith said he spoke with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, telling him he does not hold all power to command his players as he sees fit. Now, the ESPN reported that around 25 team owners gathered in a secret meeting to decide on how to move forward.

One of the owners allegedly noted, “This could kill football and end our business,” while Washington Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder reportedly assured that a sponsor, bringing $40 million to the League is looking for a way out.

The players also participated in the meeting afterward, all of which reproductive a productive’ dialogue, according to New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty.

“I think both sides got to walk away with an understanding of how each other felt,“ he told the Boston Herald. ”It was a big dialogue, what a lot of guys are trying to start is dialogue. I think it was obviously a step in the right direction as far as being able to talk and have dialogue about different issues and different topics.”

On Wednesday, as per ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys’ players were called in by owner Jerry Jones and asked one very distinct question, “How do we address the root issue for the players on this?”

“In the long run, it’s not good to kneel,” he added. “People don’t want football to be politicized, but there’s a need to do something to listen to our players and help them.”

Now, the NFL will speak to its marketing team, and the same goes for ESPN as well. The basic point is that both the teams and its players must find a common ground to agree upon. Having in mind the liberals’ desires to protest this could turn out sour.

As ESPN states, one of the suggestions was that all players wear a patch on their jerseys, reading “Team America.” The idea was quickly dismissed.

One of the owners even supposedly stated during the meeting, “We need to do better than that.” Oh, we’ve seen you do great so far, Mr.! (note the irony)

Here is what else was on the table, as reported by the ESPN: reported that other suggestions were:

  • Reverting to pre-2008 when it was optional to stand on the sideline for the national anthem.
  • Focusing on hosting social justice forums.
  • Finding a way to show moments of unity outside of the national anthem.
  • Scheduling events that demonstrate support for troops by the league and players.

A final solution was not reached, but owners went back and forth trying to think of a way out. It is obvious that once the American folk turns against you (and they obviously have), not everything was going to be rainbows and bunnies. Ultimately, it was the NFL who brought the issue upon themselves, and they only have the league to blame for whatever loss coming their way. Had they played out this in a smarter way, Americans would have known how to appreciate it. What we’re saying here is, ‘No patriotism, no game.’

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