PHOTOS: This Shirt That Everyone Wore At NYC Kaepernick Protest Is Actually Revealing The Real Issue
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PHOTOS: This Shirt That Everyone Wore At NYC Kaepernick Protest Is Actually Revealing The Real Issue

On Wednesday, the NFL was greeted by a crowd of people in NYC, gathered to rally for quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The crowd consisted of about 1,000 people, ready to protest to support Kaepernick, who still cannot find a team willing enough to sign him for the upcoming season.

The word “Boycott” was exclaimed during the protests, although Kaepernick’s future may be already sealed, as the player refused to stand during a national anthem prior to 49ers game earlier.

All protesters were wearing the exact same shirt- Kaepernick dressed in the 49ers jersey, kneeling before what seems to be the African-American community alone. The symbol of the BLM in the illustration is Colin’s hair which is both an afro and a black power fist.

The T-Shirts were made and sold by the Black Ivy Brand, at the price of $30 to $40 each. As the website says, the earnings will be donated to charities. However, no charities were named, which leaves room for a little suspicion.

“We just started selling it, but the shirt was designed over a year ago,” shirt co-creator Milton Dodson told Yahoo Sports. “A portion of all proceeds of the shirt go to foundations and organizations that contribute to fighting these civil crimes against humanity.”

Due to the intriguing price tag, the shirts are not selling as fast.

“[Sales are] still in the hundreds … for now,” Dodson said.

Political cartoonist Khalid Wad Albaih, co-participated in the creation of this illustration.

“The Black Ivy Brand felt it was important to extend ourself to a cause we feel passionately about such as the Colin Kaepernick protest against the wave of police brutality sweeping the nation,” wrote Albaih on the web page.

The kneeling symbolism was supposed to raise awareness on social issues the African-American community is facing at the moment, as well as touch the topic of race once more.

But, did someone think about the issue of disrespecting the country that made you who you are? No one.

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