President Trump Rips 'Very Weak Radical Left' Minneapolis Mayor Amid Riots — and Mayor Gets Testy Back at Trump in Front of Media
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President Trump Rips ‘Very Weak Radical Left’ Minneapolis Mayor Amid Riots — and Mayor Gets Testy Back at Trump in Front of Media

President Donald Trump and Democratic Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey traded barbs amid rioting in the city Thursday night in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of police.

The third night of protests turned violent and destructive once again as rioters set the 3rd Police Precinct building on fire — and livestreamed the act — after officers abandoned it.

Frey said early Friday morning it was his decision to evacuate the building: “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life, of our officers, or the public. We could not risk serious injury to anyone. And we will continue to patrol the third precinct entirely. We will continue to do our jobs in that area. And, you know, brick and mortar is not as important as life.”

Turns out Trump had already tweeted his displeasure about the situation in Minneapolis — and about Frey, whom he called “very weak” and “radical left” and accused of “total lack of leadership.”

But when a reporter read Trump’s words to Frey in a middle of the night press conference, Frey struck back at Trump and got visibly angry.

“Weakness is refusing to take responsibility for your own actions. Weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else during a time of crisis. Donald Trump knows nothing about the strength of Minneapolis — we are strong as hell. Is this a difficult time period? Yes. But you better be damn sure that we’re gonna get through this,” Frey said, pounding his finger down.

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