REPORT: Queen Elizabeth To Hand Over Powers To Prince Charles In Two Years
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REPORT: Queen Elizabeth To Hand Over Powers To Prince Charles In Two Years

Could Prince Charles soon be the royal head honcho? A royal expert claims that Queen Elizabeth II will “give up her powers” when she turns 95, relinquishing her duties to her son.

“Her Majesty turned 93 in April but could bring in the 1937 Regency Act in two years to relinquish the ‘majority of duties’ to her son and heir to the throne,” reports Fox News. “The Act allows a reigning monarch to hand over power if they feel they are unable to fully perform their duties.”

Speaking with Yahoo’s The Royal Box, Royal author Phil Dampler said that current talks within the royal family circles point to the Queen evoking the Regency Act in just two years time.

“There is talk that when she reaches 95 in a couple of years she may slow down and possibly the Regency Act will be brought in,” Dampler said. “She will still be Queen but Prince Charles will, in fact, take over most of the duties. He is starting to do that already, being at the state opening in Parliament and the Commonwealth conference. He is starting to take over a lot of the duties and doing the investitures.”

stand aside and let his eldest son William become the next King,” reports the U.K.’s Express. “The survey by BMG Research on behalf of The Independent found that 46 percent of Britons want the first in line to the throne to abdicate immediately to allow the Duke of Cambridge to take over. A further 27 percent of those polled showed ‘strong support’ for directly passing the crown to William.”

Will Charles actually abdicate? Royal experts say it depends. One problem for Charles is his divorce from Princess Diana and remarriage to Camilla Parker Bowles, who only a third of Britons support as their future queen. On the other hand, Charles could indeed hold the throne for a few years as his son prepares for the title if experts believe he is still too young to take up to the mantle.

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