Sean Hannity Calls for Special Counsel Mueller to Be Investigated
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Sean Hannity Calls for Special Counsel Mueller to Be Investigated

Sean Hannity has asked for an investigation to be initiated into whether the Special Counsel Robert Mueller should recuse himself because of the friendship with James Comey, the former Director of the FBI. He stated this on Thursday for Fox News.

Hannity also said that answers are also needed over reports that James Comey, the FBI, have offered to pay [Christopher Steele, who is a former spy] up to $50,000. He cited a report that the FBI offered the author of the disparaged Trump file $50,000 if he could collaborate the document details. He did not receive any payment for this.

He also said that James Comey is surrounded by a controversy. He even may have broken the law, by getting rid of a classified government property from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also mentioned that Comey also confessed that he handed over one of his memos to a friend so that it would be leaked to the media, precisely the New York Times because a special counsel is what he wanted.

“Robert Mueller turned out to be that special counsel because by the time they were longtime friends with James Comey,” he explained.

Hannity said that Mueller had more conflict of interest than it could be counted, “so in turn he should be investigated after all.”

“Why did he hire Hillary Clinton’s attorney?” he asked. “Why did he hire Obama and Hillary donors?”

“And Mueller, by the way,” Hannity continued, “potentially, did he break the law? Is he being unethical? Is he initiating an investigation where his friend James Comey is the main witness? Is this a base for a recusal?”

“And on top of that all the handful of investigators that donated only to Democratic presidential candidates.”

Many supporters of Donald Trump started attacking the Special Counsel Mueller’s actions while he is investigating the collusion between Russia and Trump’s Campaign although he is widely admired for his honesty and integrity. Some people also claimed that the close relations he has with James Comey undermine his authority as an unprejudiced prosecutor. Others also claim that an evidence for the bias is the contributions of the prosecutors who were picked by him to be part of his team.

According to the Washington Examiner, Donald Trump claimed that all the people who were picked by Mueller were supporters of Hillary Clinton.

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