Trump Attacks Maxine Waters: 'She's a Low IQ Individual'
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Trump Attacks Maxine Waters: ‘She’s a Low IQ Individual’

Continuing his off-the-cuff remarks at a rally in Pittsburgh Saturday night, President Donald Trump shifted his vitriol from the mainstream media to various members of the Democratic party. Well, one member in specific: Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

Urging the crowd assembled in a hangar in the Moon Township neighborhood of Pittsburgh to vote for candidates who would further his agenda — in this case, local candidate Rick Saccone — Trump took the opportunity to point out that this would mean “defeat[ing] Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, a very low IQ individual.”

At the mention of both Pelosi and Waters, the crowd chimed in with a chorus of “boo”s before the president continued.

“Did you ever see her,” he asked, before launching into a mocking impression of Waters.

“We will impeach him,” Trump said, mocking Waters’ repeated calls for the president’s impeachment. “We will impeach the president. But he hasn’t done anything wrong — it doesn’t matter. We will impeach him.”

The audience behind the president seemed to enjoy his impression of the representative from California, smiling and laughing at the mockery.

“She’s a low IQ individual,” the president added, “she can’t help it.”

From there, Trump turned his words towards Pennsylvania 18th District Democratic Candidate Conor Lamb.

“Lamb the Sham,” Trump quipped, adding that he was “trying to act like a Republican, so he won’t give me one vote.”

Conceding that he didn’t know Lamb personally, Trump said that he heard he was a “good guy,” though he claimed that he was “better looking” than Lamb.

Trump then doubled down on his support for Republican candidate Rick Saccone, saying that he liked him.

“I think he’s handsome,” the president added.

Watch Trump’s comments above.

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