Trump Blasts ‘Bulls***’ Impeachment,’ Says Pelosi ‘Hates The United States’
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Trump Blasts ‘Bulls***’ Impeachment,’ Says Pelosi ‘Hates The United States’

In a fiery campaign rally in Louisiana, President Donald Trump slammed Democrats for pursuing a “bulls***” impeachment and said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “hates the United States of America.”

Trump took aim at House Democrats, calling them “scammers and con artists.”

“The radical Democrat policies are crazy. The politicians are corrupt. Their candidates are terrible. They know they can’t win an election, so they’re pursuing an illegal, unconstitutional bulls— impeachment,” Trump told a jammed arena in Lake Charles, Lousiana, on Friday night as the crowd roared.

“This is one of the great con jobs in U.S. history,” Trump said. “They’ve been trying to stop us for more than three years with a lot of crap. They have conspired to sabotage our incredible movement.” Trump said the “rage-filled Democrat Party that has gone completely insane” and accused party leaders of waging a “nonstop battle” to “overthrow” his presidency.

Trump also mocked Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78, for posting a video of himself on social media throwing a baseball. Trump wished Sanders, who suffered a heart attack last week, a quick recovery and joked it’s the only nice thing he’ll say about the Vermont socialist.

“Bernie was hitting a baseball to show how strong he was,” Trump said. “But Bernie, get better fast. It’s the only time I’ve ever said anything good about him.”

And the president, as he had done at a rally on Thursday, ripped former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden over their Ukrainian business dealings. He accused the media of trying to cover up alleged corruption by the father and son, noting that if his children had been involved in something similar, the media “would be saying, ‘Where’s the nearest cell?’”

“This is the witch hunt,” he said. “They’ve been trying to stop us for three years with a lot of crap.”

On Thursday, Trump laid into the pair.

“The Bidens got rich — and that is substantiated — while America got robbed,” Trump said at a Minneapolis rally. “Sleepy Joe and his friends sold out America. … And in a brand new report, just came out as I’m walking on the stage, it turns out that when Joe Biden was vice president — he worked with the so-called whistleblower. This is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt, sabotage, and I’m sure they’re going to say, ‘totally unsubstantiated.’”

Trump then talked directly to Hunter Biden.

“Hunter, you know nothing about energy, you know nothing about China, you know nothing about anything, frankly. Hunter, you’re a loser,” Trump said, his voice rising. “Your father was never considered smart, he was never considered a good senator — he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a–.”

At the Louisiana rally on Friday, the president also hyped his progress in the trade battle with China, saying: “I just made a great China deal today.”

“It’ll be 40 to 50 billion dollars in farm purchases — the biggest problem is, they said: ‘I don’t think our farmers can produce that much,’” Trump added.

Trump also touted America’s resurgence in the oil market. “We’ve ended the war on American energy, and with your help, right here in Louisiana, the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere on the planet!” Trump said.

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