Trump Takes Center Stage Upon Arrival at US Women's Open - The Crowd Shouts Things at Him Beyond His Expectations
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Trump Takes Center Stage Upon Arrival at US Women’s Open – The Crowd Shouts Things at Him Beyond His Expectations

U.S. President Donald Trump returned to America from his trip to France, where he was invited by his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in order to celebrate Bastille Day.

Trump kicked off by taking in the U.S. Women’s Open in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Despite a media chaos over his oldest son’s meeting with a Russian lawyer and polls claiming record-low approval ratings, President Trump was greeted by a pleasant reception at the tournament.

President Trump appeared to be relaxed as he spoke with guests behind a glass-enclosed viewing stand.

Politico noted the fans’ reception of the President and it reported that Trump seemingly enjoyed the crowd’s attention and approached them to wave at his supporters outside the glass. Some of the guests at the golf club were pretty amazed to have the President near them and shouted “I love you” at him, and one woman even started crying.

Trump tweeted out a message from the golf tournament, adding some positive economic news:

The President said he planned to be at the Women’s Open on Sunday as well.

Despite protests, Trump was in great mood, thanks to some supporters:

On Friday, the Golf Association of America issued a press release on the President’s appearance, saying it is the first time that a sitting U.S. President has attended the Women’s Open in the history of the championship.

The content among the golfers at the U.S. Women’s Open that the president was attending, was very prominent.

They said it was very cool to have the U.S. President attend the event, and they were very excited he came to watch them. They said they saw the tweet that he would attend, but did not believe it, so seeing him at the event made it historic.

Golfer Marina Alex underlined that no matter the political affiliation, the fact that a sitting President is at a golf event is amazing. She said that it may draw more attention to women’s golf as a sport.

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