Tucker Carlson Rips Salon Writer for Remarks that Police Are Racist Plague [VIDEO]
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Tucker Carlson Rips Salon Writer for Remarks that Police Are Racist Plague [VIDEO]

Celisa Calacal, who is a writer for Salon, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to defend the claims that she has written a piece titled “America is suffering from a plague of deadly, unaccountable and racist police violence.”

Tucker started this interview by telling her that he does not agree with her position that the police is racist and violent.

Calacal said that she never mentioned in this writing that the police are racist.

She has just mentioned a statistics that in the recent years there are many cases where police officer have shot and killed civilians and that the numbers in 2015 and 2016 have increased.

Tucker responded by showing her the headline of her piece on the screen next to her which stated opposite of what she was saying.

Tucker continued by questioning her professionalism as a journalist by detecting that she used generalization in her headline and said that that was a very complicated thing what she was writing.

Tucker might have referred to the part of the piece of Calacal where she stated that Donald Trump used the means of fear-mongering as the main point in his campaign and that Jeff Sessions was too racist for the post of a federal judge.

The piece reads that although Donald Trump’s campaign was centered around fear-mongering he won the elections and was elected president and that Jeff Sessions was granted the position of federal judge although he was too racist in his comments.

In her piece, Calacal claimed that many people demand greater responsibility for the actions of the police and that their power for using excessive force against civilians is lacking a strong oversight. She even goes to the point to claim that Trump’s election and his nomination of Sessions to the Justice Department give even greater power to the police officers because both of them have been openly supportive of even increasing the police powers.

“The state of police violence and police accountability remains bleak and the fight for justice continues to be hindered.”

Context is something that lacks in Calacal’s piece when she describes the deaths of civilians that made it as high profile cases in the media.

About the Baton Rouge officers that killed Alton Sterling she says that the federal investigation confirmed that the confrontation lasted for 1 and a half minute after which he was teased and shot 6 times with a gun.

Calacal has written this piece in a way that simplifies the case so much that it cannot be taken seriously. She even lacks details whatsoever. The same is with her description of the death of  Philando Castile.

She wrote that the police officer Jeronimo Yanez was charged with second-degree manslaughter last fall for shooting and killing Castile during a traffic stop. His trial began in early June, and after about two weeks, the majority-white jury acquitted him of all charges. She does not mention the evidence that was presented or any detail to the situation at all.

Tucker said that she cannot charge that as a racism if there is not sufficient evidence for that as it will make people untrustful, fearful, and makes them hate each other, as well as it makes the society way less happy and less trusting so something like this piece should not be published until proper evidence is found.

Watch the video below:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. dirtgrey

    July 17, 2017 at 5:07 am

    It is so simple to sit in a safe home or classroom environment, look at a few statistics and write a piece condemning the police about how they have reacted in a particular manner in a hostile situation. You can throw your emotional rant at the general public without any experience backing up your feelings. She stated a couple specific instance where a individual was killed and came to a general conclusion that all police are trained and act where they should shot first, ask questions later. I like most mentally sane people when alone and faced with what you consider a no win situation will act to protect yourself and or your family or other human beings. Or worse yet, you have a number of police officers trying to maintain order but are faced with a hate filled mob far outnumbering the police in the situation. She is saying the officers should just ignore or stand back while that mob kills, maims people or destroys property. She needs to ride with these police a while. See what they put up with every minute of their working day or night. Once she has seen the hatred, seen the disregard for human life, seen the fires, the useless destruction of property, I bet she would be singing a different tune. I back the police 100% in how they react and how they try to protect our society who have no respect for other’s lives or property. This is a typical liberal response to a very complicated emotional subject. Flower power is dead, it died back in the early 70’s. Not everybody is friendly nor do they want to talk about it, they just want to destroy and kill.

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