WATCH: Ingraham Battles Jesse Jackson: Are You Saying Trump's Done 'Nothing Good for Black America?'
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WATCH: Ingraham Battles Jesse Jackson: Are You Saying Trump’s Done ‘Nothing Good for Black America?’

Laura Ingraham battled Reverend Jesse Jackson in a showdown interview on Thursday night’s “The Ingraham Angle” and challenged his claim that some African-American celebrities have been “insulted by the violations of our people by this president.”

The pair got into a heated exchange discussing the White House’s decision to disinvite the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles after a majority of the team chose not to attend. Ingraham was quick to fire back at Jackson’s claim.


“Is that because of black unemployment? Is that part of the violations of the people?” she asked. “Is there any good news for black America under this administration? Do you like the unemployment numbers? Do you like small businesses being created?”

Jackson countered that President Donald Trump “inherited” a growing economy and argued that “wages aren’t going up.” Ingraham had an earful to shoot back at him:

“How you’re turning that into an anti-black thing is beyond me. Were you okay with like millions of jobs were being sent overseas due to globalization and millions of jobs were being bled off to countries like Mexico? That was good for black America? Because call me crazy, but I don’t think that was good for working class people at all. We lost millions of jobs.

And this president is actually bringing jobs back to the United States and doing stuff like prison reform with Jared Kushner and others who were working together, including even Democrats. From what I could hear, this president has done nothing good for black America, is that what you’re saying tonight? Nothing?”

President Trump faced criticism for canceling the Eagles event and replacing it with a “Celebration of America” ceremony instead. On Friday, he announced neither the Cleveland Cavaliers nor the Golden State Warriors would be invited following the NBA championship finals.

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