WATCH: Puerto Rico Governor Breaks His Silence, Exposes Sick Liberal Lie
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WATCH: Puerto Rico Governor Breaks His Silence, Exposes Sick Liberal Lie

It turns out that the statements claiming that Trump is ignoring Americans that need help is complete nonsense, of course. Goldberg, a regular on the show, asked, “I wonder if he realizes these are American citizens?”

Injecting this kind of false hatred into our country is causing trouble and making operating these tough times even more challenging for political officials reaching out to people who need help.

Rossello decided to set the record straight in a piece that left the case of The View stunned. He made clear: “Well, certainly, here are the two components we need to consider. Number one, the President has been in contact with me almost on a daily basis.”

We have been hearing about all of the different things that the president has been doing instead of helping Puerto Rico during this troubling time. You have it straight from the governor’s mouth — the president has been in contact with him every single day working towards what needs to happen next.

As a whole, Puerto Rico is in shambles now due to the devastation of Maria. Their infrastructure is buckling under their feet as food and water supplies dwindle, and residents are stuck without a place to rest their heads.

Obviously, we can’t expect President Trump to come in, wave his magic wand, and fix Puerto Rico in a night. That would be a silly and childish thought, yet it is precisely what the Left believes he needs to do.

Governor Rossello explained that the reason this repair is taking a lot longer than anticipated is due to the level of devastation. The people who used to work on the island cannot perform their jobs. As a result, there is a bottleneck of supplies stuck at ports.

They can’t get people there fast enough to move out all the supplies — but they are trying their best. The governor clarified, “What we really need are human resources.”

The stunned cast of The View looked on as Rossello laid reality on the line for them so that they could see outside of their partisan views. The president is doing everything in his power to help and save as many Puerto Ricans as possible.

At the end of the segment, the governor explained his predictions for the future. He let them know that by the time it is all said and done, Puerto Rico will be “stronger than ever.”

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