WATCH: Young Republicans Leader Gives Impassioned Speech Outside Teddy Roosevelt Statue, National Anthem Breaks Out
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WATCH: Young Republicans Leader Gives Impassioned Speech Outside Teddy Roosevelt Statue, National Anthem Breaks Out

Counter-protesters gathered outside a statue of Teddy Roosevelt in New York City on Sunday, defending the monument of the 26th president of the United States from protesters advocating its removal.

During the counter-demonstration, Gavin Mario Wax, president of the New York Young Republican Club, gave an impassioned speech about standing up to left-wing activists and protesters who wants to erase our history and destroy our cities. Wax also repeatedly took shots at elected Republicans for their apparent weak response to the left’s increasingly radical activism.

Immediately following the speech, a chant of “USA” broke out, and, later, the counter-protesters sang the national anthem, together.

“Where are our leaders?” started Wax. “They never, ever deliver, I don’t care what party they are from.”

“Where are they for our statues, where are they for our flag, where are they for our police officers? Nowhere. I don’t care what letter is next to your name, if you’re not defending this country, you don’t get my vote and I hope they don’t get your vote.”

“Thank God we do have someone with some (expletive), some chutzpah in the White House who’s gonna stand up and protect our people, protect our history,” Wax said of President Donald Trump.

“The other day, [Trump] passed an executive order that said up to ten years in prison for anyone caught defacing and destroying American monuments,” the Republican leader said. “God bless that.”

“They pillage our cities, they loot our stores, they destroy our communities, they erase our history,” Wax said of radical protesters, activists, and rioters. “Enough is enough. Basta.”

“I wish we had the party here, the elected [Republicans] here. Where are they?” he added, before a chant of “USA” broke out.

Later during the demonstration, the counter-protesters sang the national anthem (see below).

An older woman attending the event told Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura that those who want to rid of us “offensive” monuments and statues are participating in the erasure of American history.

“What they’re doing is trying to erase history,” the woman said. “Teddy Roosevelt is one of our greatest presidents ever. … It takes my breath away that something as beautiful and as magnificent as that (statue), and Chirlane McCray, the mayor’s wife, deems it unfit.”

“This is not about race anymore, it never really was, this is about taking apart the fabric of America” she continued. “This is all about the fabric of America. They want us to read their narrative; freedom of speech so long as we say what they want us to say. Any kind of freedom at all is all about their narrative, the radical Left’s narrative.”

“We can’t allow that anymore,” added the counter-protester. “This is America. We stand with all races, all colors, all creeds. People came to this country to seek those freedom, and now, from the inside out, they wanna take them away. It’s not gonna work. We won’t allow it.”



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