‘White Women Did What White Women Do’: Some Leftists Are Really Mad at White Women for Voting GOP
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‘White Women Did What White Women Do’: Some Leftists Are Really Mad at White Women for Voting GOP

Some Democrats aren’t blaming candidates like Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) or Andrew Gillum (R-Fla.) for their election night losses — they’re blaming white women.

Twitter exploded with several posts from prominent figures on the left pointing the finger at white women as the reason that Democrats did not win in several high-profile races.

Many took the opportunity to try and shame women for their votes, condescendingly explaining why white women were wrong to cast votes in favor the candidate of their choice, instead of the candidate Democrats wanted them to vote for.

Others decided to skip the subtlety, blatantly accusing women who cast votes for Republicans of white supremacy.

One self-described feminist claimed that women who voted for Republicans were the “foot soldiers of the patriarchy,” but, luckily for white women, she is considering saving them from being “brainwashed” by men.

The Women’s March even delivered an Orwellian hot take, claiming that white women needed to be worked on and educated to correct their voting habits.

In response to these posts, many felt that these comments were not only racially charged, but they were anti-feminist because they essentially relay that white women aren’t capable of voting for issues that are important to women.

While this may be offensive to white women who believe they cast their vote for the person they believed would best represent them instead of secretly trying to push a white supremacist agenda, this is not the first time some on the left have tried to shame women for their vote.

From Hillary Clinton to Chelsea Handler, several prominent Democrats railed against white women after the 2016 presidential election. Clearly, that didn’t exactly work out as well as they had hoped because Ted Cruz is still a Senator and President Donald Trump is still the president.

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