Young Students Love Socialism So Much that They Do Not Even Know What it Means [VIDEO]
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Young Students Love Socialism So Much that They Do Not Even Know What it Means [VIDEO]

A new hilarious video emerged on the internet from Campus Reform which features proud young fans of socialism being outed as full frauds.

According to a blog post on Campus Reform’s website, the idea for the video came after a poll showed that 53 percent of US citizens that are younger than 35 are “not satisfied with the nation’s current economic system and believe that the socialism would be a better option instead.”

The interesting part of the poll is that most of the millennials are not familiar with socialism-associated historical figures such as Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Che Guevara.

Their lack of knowledge makes for quite an entertaining show when they are put on the screen.

“I think people kind of use that word just to scare other people,” said one student on socialism in Campus Reform’s video. “But if helping people is socialism then I’m for it.”

They could not even explain the definition of this term when asked to do it.

Another man said that as a philosophy the socialism is a good thing but then he recounted and expressed doubt.

“Uh,” said another proponent of socialism in the video. “Specifically just… you know, getting rid of that wealth gap in the United States.”

While filming this video, in the Socialist Republic of Venezuela, a woman was killed while she was participating in a referendum that is unofficial.

According to the Guardian, the Democratic Unity party claimed that the shooters who killed the woman were part of a “paramilitary” gang who is working for the Venezuela’s ruling Socialist Party.

Put aside the violence, according to the BBC, the voters overwhelmingly opposed the Socialist Party and its desire and plan to grab even bigger powers by rewriting the constitution of the country.

Despite the fact that the referendum which is held is not an official one and it is simply symbolic, it clearly states that there is a great opposition to the Maduro’s socialist leadership policies in Venezuela.

The country faces bloody protests with many victims as the starving people are forced to steal vending machines while amid the collapse of the economic system.

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