Allen West Reveals: 'Young Black Man Serving Me at the Car Rental Today Made the Ultimate Mistake'
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Allen West Reveals: ‘Young Black Man Serving Me at the Car Rental Today Made the Ultimate Mistake’

Conservative supporter and political figure Allen B.West recently shared a personal story on his blog in which he explains what how racism affects the country.

Namely, Allen noted he traveled to South Florida to celebrate his wife’s birthday, so he decided to rent a vehicle for the time being. He took to Enterprise and as he arrived, a young black man approached him only to realize this was not his lucky day.

The man probably got the feeling that Allen was a Democrat, just because he was an African-American so he told him, “Our boy Jones pulled it out for us in Alabama.” Now West got the brilliant idea to play along and teach this man a lesson.

West agreed America is in need of one and the man stood appalled. The sales official went on saying that the next thing to do would be to get Trump impeached and out of office.

‘You cannot impeach a person because you don’t like him,’ West told him.

But, the Democrat was pushy, noting that sexual assault charges against Trump should do the trick. This when Allen made the truth visible to him.

Basically, he asked the salesman if this is the same case as with Bill Clinton, to which he responded it was not. Then, Allen told him that when Bill was busted for his affairs, he was impeached for breaking an oath but was not pulled out of office or replaced. Plus, West reminded the man that Bill Clinton’s case happened when he served as President, while that was not the case with Trump.

Unsure of what to say next, the man grunted, “Trump is going to get us into a war with North Korea.”

West continued elaborating how he was a retired Army officer of 22 years, who visited North Korea while on a mission in 1995. He proceeded by asking the salesman if he was okay with Kim Jong Un striking at America, and threatening its safety. Next, he wanted to know if he believed bullies should be allowed to have their way. He even mentioned Adolf Hilter as a reference to Un.

The man was also asked whether he thinks Obama’s pampering of North Korea for the past eight years amounted to any good. Finally, confused and cornered, the man’s only argument was that Trump was either way unstable.

What we can extract and learn from this is the following- liberals have no sense of knowledge or facts, they are a passionate group of rebels and screamers for no good reason at all, and they have their people standing in an uproar.

It is obvious each and every lefty has been practicing the same speech over and over again, without even realizing that their own have done the country nothing but damage.

For many African Americans, this is what happens. They get sucked into a whirlwind of lies and manipulations by Democrats, who are trying to persuade them that Trump is their enemy.

However, for those with a little bit more common sense, just like Mr. West, this scenario will not pass among seekers of the truth.

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  1. Robert

    December 13, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    Yep, back in my old college days in the early 70’s, we called this spitting rhetoric. Never a fact to to the back, just spitting rhetoric.

  2. Jean Fields

    December 14, 2017 at 11:28 pm

    No,not spam. Allen West is telling the truth, I believe.

  3. Tito Rodriguez

    December 15, 2017 at 3:11 am

    It is not unreal that a liberal say those type of things,as well as Allen Wezt reply onthat way, so yes I toatally agree about the esence of this commentary, is the same distortions of the reality and the intent of obstruction an destruction of Our President, and yes, it is my opinion, and if somebody don’t like it, please put sugar on it and…shake it and enjoy it.

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