Barack Obama Compares Trump Presidency to the Rise of Hitler, But the Truth is Very Different
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Barack Obama Compares Trump Presidency to the Rise of Hitler, But the Truth is Very Different

Once Barack Obama had the nerve to compare President Donald Trump to German dictator Adolf Hitler, many began wondering how much of the comparison is the actual truth.

If you ask World War II veterans, you might learn a truth that is far different than Obama’s. Come to think of it, veterans from that era were the ones voting for President Trump, so there must be something Obama had missed.

How about patriotism, which Trump certainly has but Obama could care less about?

Americans are a forgiving nation by default, but that doesn’t mean Obama is sinless. To the contrary, Obama might have a little something in common with Hitler, despite him insisting that Trump is the number one enemy to look out for.

Obama was the first president to oppose the Constitution and ask for amends that would jeopardize America’s integrity. In addition, he focused on repealing the Second Amendment which prevents people from owning a gun, a right given to them by our predecessors.

Moreover, this was the same tactic Hitler introduced with his own people, taking away their weapons and leaving them out to dry. We all saw how that turned out, didn’t we?

Aside from this, Obama made sure to drag the DOJ, the FBI, and other governmental branches into a whirlwind of problems.

He also made America fear with a little help from the IRS and the intelligence community. Barack Obama was the one who made America’s healthcare system look like a joke, leaving citizens penniless and desperate for proper medical care.

And who can forget the loss of jobs this country suffered through when Obama was in charge? What about Obama starting wars all over the world to conduct his personal agenda?

I mean, the list goes on and on.

Everything he did, everything he tried to convince us was good for America, only brought divisiveness and crisis in the country.

Much like Hitler himself, Obama wanted to rule the world and become a force to be reckoned with.

And he dares call Trump a dictator? How pathetic.

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  1. Pat

    December 9, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Good article. However, the article fails to include President Obama’s divisive rhetoric and a support of the Black Lives Matter group which was built on a false narrative against our brave policemen and the white race. Hitler, also, built a false narrative against the Jewish race and anyone who tried to protect them in his effort to kill off that race and, as a result 6 million of them died. All of these good points in this article, was ignored during President Obama’s terms and that’s why there is a big mess for the American people to clean out of the U.S. government.

  2. John

    December 23, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    I guess the article struck a nerve on the left? I reposted this article on facebook, and it was removed by facebook admin for “spam.” They stated it violated thier terms. The left can not argue the facts, so they continue to censor the truth in order to keep thier narrative alive.

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