Hollywood Actress Asks Hillary Clinton to Send Military Planes to Puerto Rico... Still, There's One Slight Issue...
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Hollywood Actress Asks Hillary Clinton to Send Military Planes to Puerto Rico… Still, There’s One Slight Issue…

Patricia Arquette has always been a woman of political opinions.

Back in 2016, she rooted for none else but Hillary Clinton and spoke against President Trump every chance she got. Trump administration. Now, the world has heard of Puerto Rico’s massive hurricane impact and the devastating consequences it faced as a result. As a response, the White House sent out troops, supplied and additional aid to help out.

Arquette, as a result, posted a photo of the Air Force C5 Galaxy transport plane, wondering if they will take off to Puerto Rico.

Here is what she tweeted:

Although these pleas were intended for Hillary Clinton, luckily, she is not in charge. Otherwise, it is doubtful Puerto Rico would have seen any benefit. Therefore, Arquette needs to leave matters of the country in the hands of its rightful leader, President Trump who vowed to lend a helping hand to the country.

Take a look at the planes Arquette demanded to be sent off:

This ought to give Arquette a reason to sleep soundly at night.

For next time, we advise liberals inform themselves first before hissing poison via social media. Knowledge is power, but the lefties seem to be failing in that department.

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