KARMA! Mitch McConnell Receives Devastating News From Congress
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KARMA! Mitch McConnell Receives Devastating News From Congress

The departure of Mitch McConnell has become a trending topic among The Senate Conservatives Fund that asks of Republican Senators to push for his way out.

“Now is the time to replace Mitch McConnell. Not next year. Not in 2020. Right now. Otherwise, Republicans will squander this historic opportunity to enact conservative reforms,” the group noted.

McConnell complained about Trump’s “excessive expectations” for Congress, and the fact they were not able to operate or find solutions on various issues that fast.

“Our new president has, of course, not been in this line of work before and I think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process,” McConnell commented.

Aside from the president’s anger, many American citizens and politicians asked for McConnell’s firing, feeling he is unable to handle his job, which is a thing the country doesn’t need at this very second. The entire mess began after Trump asked Congress to ‘move it up a notch’ to find a suitable replacement for the Obamacare bill.

“It isn’t unreasonable to expect Republicans to keep their promises and McConnell’s excuse is yet another example of why he should be replaced as the Republican leader,” the group said. “Tell Senate Republicans to replace him NOW!”

Then, the group listed all flaws in McConnell’s performance:

It was Mitch McConnell who promised action on many issues if only the voters would give Republicans unified control. It was Mitch McConnell who spent seven years promising to repeal Obamacare ‘root and branch.’ And it was Mitch McConnell who outlined a plan back in January that promised Obamacare repeal by early April, border wall funding by the end of April, and tax reform by August,” the group stated.

“Yet it’s now the second week of August, none of these things have been done, and Mitch McConnell is making excuses and blaming others while the Senate is on a month-long recess,” they continued. “The problem isn’t that the president hasn’t been in his job very long; it’s that McConnell has been in his job for too long!”

Although McConnell is a thorn in everyone’s eyes, no clear decision to drop him has been initiated.

Trump, however, noted that McConnell might be able to clear him bad name:

“We should have had health care approved. He should have known that he had a couple of votes that turned on him, and that should have been very easy to handle, whether it’s through the fact that you take away a committee chairmanship or do whatever you have to do,” Trump said.

“But what happened, in my opinion, last week is unacceptable. People have been talking about repeal and replace for seven years — long before I ever decided to be doing what I’m doing. Seven years they’ve been talking repeal and replace, and it didn’t happen. And not only it didn’t happen, it was a surprise, and it was a horrible surprise. And it was very unfair to the Republican Party and very unfair to the people of this country. So I was not impressed.

Now, can he do good? I think so. I think we can do very well on taxes, cuts, reform. I think we’re going to do well on infrastructure. And things will happen with respect to health care, and I think things will happen maybe outside of necessarily needing Congress — because there are things that I can do as president that will have a huge impact on health care. So, you watch. Stay tuned,” Trump said.

Although Trump could be willing to give McConnell’s another shot, he should also remind him that his job doesn’t consist of being paid tons of dollars for staring at your desk for the entire day.

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1 Comment

  1. Hillary for prison 2017

    August 12, 2017 at 11:32 pm

    President Trump needs to take their healthcare away from them and put them on the same plan we are on. Bet they get it fixed then.

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