Las Vegas Shooting Witness Sends a Powerful Message...“In a World Where Everyone’s Kneeling..."
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Las Vegas Shooting Witness Sends a Powerful Message…“In a World Where Everyone’s Kneeling…”

The American people have distinctly spoken up against recent and persistent NFL protests, which were an obvious strike against the national anthem, flag, and overall identity.

In midst of all protests, something even more terrifying took place- a massive shooting occurred in downtown Las Vegas, as a man opened up fire on people attending a concert. What’s even worse, the attack was executed on people who stood proudly with the national identity of the country.

Russel Bleck was one of the people in the crowd attending on The Strip and opened up on what it felt like to experience the attacks firsthand. As he said, he barely managed to escape “pure chaos and carnage.”

Had first responders not responded as effective as they did, Bleck states the consequences would have been far worse than they’re now.

“In a world where everyone’s kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running towards the danger,” he stated.

Bleck explained that people even used each other to protect themselves, all in efforts to escape the whistling bullets around them. At the same time, others insinuated wounds so they could be catered much faster, once the first help teams arrived on site.

As the witness elaborated, the gunman had the perfect opportunity, using his automatic rifle to kind of ambush people at the venue, creating a neckline, which cornered the crowd even more.

“If you fire a round into that crowd, you’re going to hit somebody,” Bleck said. “There was no escape … It was horrible.”

“You saw a lot of ex-military just jump into gear. I saw guys plugging bullet holes with their fingers,” he added.

“While everyone else was crouching, police officers (were) standing up at targets, just trying to direct people, tell them where to go,” he continued. “The amount of bravery I saw there, words can’t describe what it was like.”

As far as the shooter is concerned, Bleck noted, “He was just spraying the crowd. He was relentless. There was no stopping. You had five, maybe eight seconds to move from cover to cover to try to move and get out of there as he reloaded.”

It was revealed much later that the shooter was attacking from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This gave the attacker a clear vision of what he was aiming at, as well as an opportunity to stay in charge.

“There was just no telling. And then it would echo throughout the area, so nobody knew where to go,” he said. “And then all of a sudden people would run away from a safe area, but you didn’t know if it was safe. It was just absolute chaos and carnage.”

Still, the police were able to take the gunman down, and prevent more deaths from happening. However, the tragedy remains to be the bloodiest mass shooting in America. Las Vegas will never look the same for anyone. In these times of crisis, many of the people present at the concert were looking to provide help to others and be as useful as possible, which is what America is ultimately about.

Now, you tell me- having in mind the type of aggression we’re dealing with here, do we really need to be stressed out about this as well? Is it that darn hard to, for once, work as a powerful collective of people who like to protect their country?? I don’t think we’re asking too much here, do you?

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